Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Visiting Fashion Week in Milan wasn't all about Made in Italy, as some other designers were taking the opportunity to market themselves in pop up stores or galleries with displays of single ensembles representing some of their best.

One whose work was on display in a cubicle set up as a temporary showcase on the Red carpet running across the city during the event, was Yang Li, a man to reckon with in the fashion industry. His designs seem to be dominated with the maxi, with minimalistic trimmings and somewhat of a ethereal feel about his dreamy looking garments. The fabric had a feeling of luxury, draping heavily to the floor, worn by girls as beautiful as those seen on chocolate box covers. I took a few pictures of one such ensemble which I wouldn't have minded finding it's way to my closet...... and then I discovered his website with more of his regal looking designs.

I think this designer is a legend in the making.....

From the website: