Thursday 5 January 2012


A few fashion rules and guidelines for 2012, never leave home without a pashmina. When in doubt, carry a neutral colour to cover your head or shoulders and when travelling and perhaps visiting religious places, you have instant cover. When cold, simply wrap it around your shoulders, and if you are in luck, buy one to match all the colours of your wardrobe!

If you ever had doubts about that leopard print number in the back of your closet, do not dispair. It is back in vogue, and pretty much so! Be it leopard print loafers, pumps or high heels, you have to get that pair. Dont' forget the timeless cardigan in animal print, and teem this with bright colours for a smashing look. Dare to be different!

The rose printed cardigan, with the x-boyfriend shirt in the same colourscheme, with striped cuffs, turned out over the cardi's sleeves, and viola, girl ready to go. Add a little bling with bracelets and necklaces for the final look. Soften the look with the stashed away pearls.

You have to get a few pairs of boyfriend jeans, or tapered cargo's, at least one in denim and aother in khaki, now combine that with high heels, or the loafers, you are guaranteed to make a statement. Put on your navy blue fitted blazer with big shiny gold buttons and a breton top, and ahoy you go, sailor girl.

A breton top should always be on your shopping list if you have not got one or two already!

The Khaki coloured trench is a must have, combine this with red, white or navy platform heels or loafers, now add the boyfriend jeans, and the breton top for another instant nautical look.