Friday 6 March 2020

Shopping with a conscience
Do you ever consider any of the following when you shop: Who made my clothes? Do the people who work in the industry receive a fair wage? What are their working conditions and environment like? Are they treated fairly? How far has this garment travelled? Has it been made locally? Well, when we shop mindfully we should think of all these things because not all women who work in the industry receives a fair wage, nor are they working in reasonable circumstances. When you support brands that are made locally, you contribute towards the welfare of your own people. Your carbon footprint is reduced. It creates employment, and with proper labour laws and regulations in place, it's reasonable to assume that they receive a reasonable salary for a honourable days work. I support local brands and designers, not exclusively though bit I do make an effort of sourcing things locally. We can all make a difference. What difference do you make? My new cruise collection is made in Cape Town, by a group of women who empowered themselves by setting up a small factory where everything is done by local women. From the cutting to the stitching and pressing. This is empowering. It uplifts, it feeds a family. It reduces one's carbon footprint. And it's shopping for a good cause. They are not supervised by the greedy eyes of high volume production plants. They take breaks, they breath clean air in an environment free from industrial pollution. That is fashion liberation. Shop with a conscience. The Bell Epoque label produces small runs. We keep it exclusive and do not produce large masses of the same style or print.