Friday 20 January 2017


My constant attraction to winter holidays when most people retreat indoors, leads me to think that perhaps I was an Eskimo in a previous life. Winter poses a real style opportunity to me, and it is an excellent occasion to challenge your layering skills. It takes a little skill to dress warm enough and allowing you to peel down the layers when you move indoors as most winter destinations warm up the interior of stores to the point that I would reach a melt down. So how do you layer? I start off with a thin long sleeve under garment or vest, but not thermal as dropping in and out of buildings often causes overheating and discomfort in thermal underwear. The second layer can be a turtle neck top, and perhaps a light quilted vest, then ad a scarf, and a weather proof coat or jacket, preferably one that reaches down below the bottom to keep the hind quarters warm! I would wear tights underneath a skirt, and if it's really cold, a pair of short socks over the long tights, and then a skirt or pants. To top it all, I would wear long boots, gloves and a fur hat. Being duly armed against the freezing outdoor temperature, I was more than ready to hit the sights of this charming and incredibly beautiful city of Bavaria. Munich has a very charming atmosphere, with many interesting places to visit, and a delightful Christmas Market. I met up with my long time blogger friend, Annette Holdrich from the blog, toasting life at the elegant Emporio Armani CafĂ©, within walking distance from the uber chic Maximillian Strasse, not to be missed if you have the chance to shop..... Do stop by at the odd coffee shop to warm up, or perhaps a shoe store..... Bavaria has so much to offer that one would have to return. Hopefully soon enough. My dear husband had very little choice but to brave the cold and accompany me to the fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein where we were transported to the top by horse carriage.

Brocade and Fur Trim Coat - Rocco Barroco
Turtle Neck - Old
Skirt - Old
Sued Boots - Zara
Crossbody bag - Gucci
Fur Hat and Leather Gloves - Prague Fur Crafters