Friday 12 April 2013


Day to Night

Not having posted anything for a few days and being occupied with travelling in Europe, I am beginning to feel the symptoms of not visiting my favourite blogs. So I decided to just let you know that I am still here, although a little scarce! When a friend recently asked me how to style an outfit from day to night, and not having to much time to go shopping, I sent her straight to Zara, where all her shopping could be done under one roof, including accessories. This is what I proposed to her, a trendy yet classic look allowing her to move from the office into a cocktail party and evening office function.  By simply changing the top, shoes and bag, it takes the entire outfit to another level! This jacket has just hit our shelves- perhaps a little over exposed to those in other parts of the world where the summer season already sees another range of clothes, but down here it is very sought after, and very African! The entire ensemble was styled and sourced in Polyvore....


Ever noticed how your mood influences your choice of colour, or are you unaware of the influence? Sometimes we consciously and intentionally choose to wear a particular colour with something specific in mind like going for an interview, having a meeting, or just going to the office. In my case, Black would be the obvious choice since I am required to wear specific colours to court in order to uphold the rules!  When you don't make a deliberate decision wearing a particular colour, it's likely that your mood had an influence on your sub conscious decision! They say Green reflects harmony, peace, environmental awareness and balance. Black allows for emotional safety, efficiency and glamour. The negative aspect of Black is oppression, coldness and heaviness. None of these aspects influenced my decision on a conscious level today, however, if  a therapist analysed it, I would probably be diagnosed as having chosen these colours because I feel safe and secure in Black, and I am at peace with my environment!
This beautiful Black trench from Zara is quilted in the inside, making it ideal for travelling and well suited to mid season, the collar and shoulders are beautifully embellished, and the fabric is light yet heavy enough to guard against the chilly wind. It's definitely a priority on the packing list, and ideal  for wearing in transit! Jacquard is one my favourite textiles, and the stores are bursting at it's seems with this glamorous fabric!

 Trench coat - Zara
Turtle Neck - Studio W
Jacquard Pants - Studio W
Boots - Topshop
Neck Piece - Thai Craft
Leopard Print Clutch - Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses - Prada

Monday 8 April 2013


I am delighted to host my friend Hanle as my guest today, since her outfit is so inspirational and very trendy! We spend a lot of time together collaborating on designs, styles and fashion, and introducing new lines to our own little range which we may hopefully, introduce to you soon! You may already have seen a few of Belle Epoque in my outfits, but it is still a work in progress. Ever since the concept of print on print has seen the light of day, I have been totally infatuated with it. This version smacks of style, do I need to say more?

Wearing different stripes together was just never heard of before.  I am very happy that this taboo is now ignored because I have no intention of kicking the habit, not just yet! The Red accents just ad a little spice to the excitement of the different stripes, very nautical I'd say.


Jeans - True Religion
Jacket - Truworths
Tote - Studio W
Sunglasses - Prada
Pearls - Thailand


Friday 5 April 2013


Today I am sporting a trend that I love, and violating everything our forefathers told us not to do, all in the name of style! I am combining spots, stripes, saddle stitching, two toned shoes and multicoloured bags and hounds tooth all at once! Hold on to your horses Grannies, this is the way we do it these days! If you are still in doubt about combining different prints, I sincerely hope this gives an idea of how much fun can be had, combining this print stew! You go girls, go on printing on print! This is certainly a style adventure that I propose honouring for long!


Jacket - The Noblewear Collection
Scarf - Colormix
Polka dot Knitwear top - Studio W
Shoes - Wallis
Bucket Tote - Polo Xchange Sportswear
Houndstooth Sunglasses - D & G
Pewter neckpiece - Siem Reap Market, Cambodia
Palm Print Pants - Country Road

Thursday 4 April 2013


Mid season always leave us distressed about what to wear, but do not despair! The charm and beauty of luminous colours with Citrus and Coral being so on trend, even in winter, it is easy to brighten up darker outfits. The Neon Green still appeals to me, and the more I look at it, the more I like it.  The beauty of this trend is that it suits just about everybody! It just seems to liven up any outfit that would otherwise be plain, and gives a little edginess to everyday work attire! Fortunately our climate in mid season is rather mild, still allowing for open shoes. I sincerely hope the Citrus colours will remain with us for a while. There is something energetic about this colour, perhaps what I need for running a few errants today!

Blazer - Jenni Button
Peplum top and shoes - Studio W
Pants - H & M
Sunglasses - Hermanus Village Market
Bag - Chanel

Wednesday 3 April 2013


The beautiful Black & White striped jacket in a soft mock suede, was inspired by the unique patterns of the African Zebra.They present different patterns in Black & White stripes, each being different and unique. They are related to the African equids (horses) although they have never become domesticated. They are on the favourite list as lion food,although they defend their offspring with a vicious kick, packing a mean punch and deterring young lions from feeding on their young. The pattern has influenced fashion over the years, but never featured as dominantly as now, with not only the particular print being  a popular trend, but also featuring prominently in the concept of Black & White. I devote this outfit to this beautiful breed. I happily revived an old pair of Palazzo pants which seemingly finds it's way back onto the fashion scene from time to time.

So by the way, the Zebra lives in small harems.....

Jacket - Belle Epoque
Peplum top - New Look
Palazzo Pants - Woolworths (Old)
Shoes - Next
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Watch - Chanel
Cuff - Honey (Old)
Neck Piece - Sass Diva
Photograph of
Zebra Calf feeding
at Garden Route Lodge, Western Cape


Monday 1 April 2013


South Africa doesn't hold back when it comes to making a contribution towards trending and creating fashion. Our designers took the show by storm during the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which was held in the first week of March 2013 at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Johannesburg. One of the local contributors who makes a serious indentation into the concept of style, is Suzaan Heyns, a Johannesburg based label that was established  during 2008 already. She took to the runway with a breathtaking collection depicting remarkable architectural structuring, with magnificent silhouettes and a distinct classic style.... well done Suzaan!