Monday 22 October 2012


Imagine being the L'Oreal Paris spokesperson, imagine once being the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, and the house model for Chanel, imagine being a mother, and author, all at  once, imagine being Ines de la Fressange, one of the most iconic women. Always dressed in a manner that inspires, and being the subject of envy for many stylish women, she leads by example. Achieving this look is actually very simple, just follow a few basic guidelines, ditch anything remotely resembling an overkill, and voila! She manages to make every outfit she ever appears in, look completely effortless!
She published a guide to Parisian chic, with very practical advice on how to dress like a Parisian, and how to mix affordable fashion with high end fashion. Being slightly francophiled myself, I could easily succumb...... after all, who doesn't want to look like a Parisian? If all else fails, get this book, and follow the simple guidelines to create and achieve the understated look of French women, never over styled nor under dressed. If one could achieve style nirvana, this would be it. Chic doesn't get any better than this!
Photo from Google
Dressed to kill......uber chic Ines, how's this for 50something?

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Although I strongly believe that you should create your own signature style, nothing stops you from taking a little inspiration from Pippa or anybody else, for that matter. I would not like to copy her style in particular, but the jacket certainly caused havoc in my mind. It flew of the shelves the minute she appeared in it! Perhaps a blessing in disguise, because that is how this beautiful peplum is finding it's way to my closet instead! This is my take on how to wear Royal Blue, fit for a queen I would say? I just could not resist getting this jacket. The bag is still on the list of lust Phillip Lim.
Pants-River Island, Jacket-Ted Baker, Shoes, to old to remember.

Monday 15 October 2012


Being a real serendipitist, I constantly look for bargains when buying very trendy or high fashion items. Since these trends might not look all that fresh next year, and having parted with a large sum of cash, I may feel reluctant to discard it.  One such store  where you don't have to dispair if you toss that item after one season, is H & M, who never ceases to amaze. The outfit below may just as well be worn as seperates, extending the life of it for perhaps another season or even longer! The quality of H & M's fashion is more than often good enough to last a whole lot longer than expected.

And if you want to strike a more monochromatic look, ad these lovely shoes from

Tuesday 9 October 2012


These stunning outfits inspired me to revisit the polka dot and leopard print trend, although published in October 2010 in Vogue Nippon, the style remains a hot favourite! I saw a beautiful polka dot dress at that could be teamed with any of the clutches or the lovely handbag in the previous post below,  instantly adding some pizazz to your look! I would wear a pair of Prada Baroque sunnies with any of these outfits,and perhaps a pair of wedges in suede or Valentino's leopard print shoes also featured before......
Don't those red lips smack of something edgy? What I like about this look is that being a little bold, accessories are kept to a minimum.


Monday 8 October 2012

Survival Kit

Survival Kit
Absolute beauty essentials!

They say there are two things that are sure, death and taxes. Well, not to my mind, loosing skin's elasticity and getting brittle hair is something else that you can add to what's to come, no matter what you do, skin and hair looses it's appeal and condition as you get older. Fortunately for the likes of  Estee Lauder and Moroccan oil, we can delay this considerably, providing you with dramatic results. This is not a promotion, but a true life experience, does it sound unreal? After having suffered dry skin for a number of years, experimenting with different products, I finally came across something that actually does what it claims to do!
The Moroccan oil treatment instantly revives dull hair, and frequent use brings about a new shine and condition, unknown to any other hair products that I have used before. Estee has also improved it's Perfectionist Serum formula with the all new CP+R, providing an almost instant lift to your skin, and improving the condition with remarkable results within a few weeks. Using it with Resilience Lift Extreme, is almost like stopping time in it's tracks, making you look even better than before! Hence  the name, survival kit. I am prepared to sacrifice a pair of Manolos for this kit, if needs be, how about you?

Estée lauder
$97 -

Estée Lauder beauty product
$105 -

Estée Lauder beauty product
$110 -

Thursday 4 October 2012


Whenever my imagination lets me down I follow the Anna de la Russo rule by adding something bold and loud. Accessories can make or break a look, if it's subtle it may  be a little demure, and if it dominates, it can pale or completely over shadow your outfit. I personally tend to lean towards the French women's approach by not adding to many accessories, that does not mean that you should deprive your look from a striking piece! The secret is to find the balance, so as a rule of thumb, I would not add a bold piece if I am wearing a bold jacket, or vice verca, but then again, print on print seems to work, notwithstanding the difference! I came across a few pics on  depicting items that could really make a all these combinations bold seems to rule..... much to my delight!


SA Fashion week Autumn Winter 2013 collection was recently held at the Crown Plaza in Rosebank, Johannesburg. One designer that made a particular impression on me, is Vesselina Pentcheva, a Bulgarian born South African designer. She made her debut at the tender age of 16 in her home town of Russe, and has been a work in progress ever since, leaving a distinct mark on the industry. No doubt she has established a large following....Her designs are feminine yet sexy, exudes style and class. She is a women who knows what other women wants, and clearly in touch with what we all want! The use of velvet has been very prominent in her previous collection, and portrays something theatrical and seductive. She arrived and started work in South Africa in 1993, where she has become a household name, may she continue her success! The dress below is from a previous collection.


Monday 1 October 2012


Oh what a pleasure to be able to travel and work at the same time, especially if you find shelter at such a stunning venue like the Oysterbox Hotel at Umhlanga Rocks, Kwa Zulu Natal while earning your cake, which was where I hung my hat for a few days of joy! This sunny Yellow room is what inspired my outfit for the evening of culinary ecstasy at the Ocean Terrace restaurant in the hotel, famous for their delicious curry buffet.....mmmmm it doesn't get any better than that!
No wonder our own royal export product Princess Charlene flew in from Monaco to honeymoon down here........
I was clad in Top - Jenni Button (Old), Pants - Dorothy Perkins, Clutch - Asos, Shoes from unknown store in Seville....Necklace - Sass Diva