Friday 30 January 2015


The J&B Met held at Kenilworth race cource in Cape Town, is one of the social highlights of the month and has been going since Lord Charles Somerset was the governer of the Cape in the 1800's. It' s always been a platform where the well heeled could splash out in their best designer garb with head pieces that make a striking entry, turning heads to a state of whiplash. The J&B brand has been a sponsor since 1977, and recently launched a new spirit aperitif infused with honey, tantalising the taste buds with it's delicate flavours. The theme for this year's Met  is inspired by the mix calling on attendees and spectators to showcase their ability to assemble a look that is made different in combining a variety of styles and fashion, quite a challenge I would say! 

Working the lawn with a camera and notebook on hand, I decided not to venture to deep into the cocktail of mixes although I managed to concoct a look which will represent the energy of the horses participating in the race, a gaming icon added for luck, a hint of Leopard print to represent Africa, and a dash of glitz with a fascinator depicting a rose from the most beautiful garden at the backdrop of the racecourse, being Kirstenbosch. With that said, I am getting groomed to capture this glamorous event, leaving you with a sneak peak of aspects of my outfit......

Monday 26 January 2015


I'm not quite sure if it's been writers block that deterred me from posting outfits, or perhaps just the fact that I am not quite comfortable in my summer wardrobe after having indulged in all the sinful delicacies of slow cooked winter food during our recent holiday in Europe. Being quite a gourmand, I succumbed to the temptation of many different flavours during our travels, (and packed a few more than reasonable amount of carbs) hence my current abstinence from creative dressing. Lets face it, being a little slimmer makes dressing up so much more fun. In the meantime a full skirt tends to hide many faults, and does it seem to be the only item of clothing one can find shelter in when a little bulk accumulates around the hips. Spots and stripes would have evoked much criticism a few years ago, but has since become such a hot combination that I would grab any opportunity to mix the two. Slip your feet into a pair of two tone or colour blocked shoes and off you go. The Cobalt Blue is  a energising colour to ad to Black and White stripes. Now I just have to throw away the keys to the chocolate cabinet. 

Jacket - Hobbs
Skirt - Studio W
Shoes - Studio W
Tote - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Dior

Friday 16 January 2015


Although I'm not a personal fan of an entirely vintage look, I love aspects of it.  The trend also moved up in the ranks of favour after my   recent visit to the Southern parts of the Netherlands, where I stumbled onto the aptly named Retro Chic store in the quant city of Maastricht. Vintage gets serious momentum at  the Humana concept stores in Eastern Europe where a multitude of high end fashion items are sold at rock bottom prices, albeit retro, still quite chic. The Humana store found in Vilnius, Lithuania, sports a fabulous array of cashmere tops, brocade dresses and furs in any style and length.  I may not have succumbed to the complete vintage trend yet, but I do embrace a few collectors pieces which originate from my late grandmother's collections of handbags, gloves and fur capes.
The Retro Chic store in Maastricht, Netherlands, with it's cobble stone streets in the historical centre, certainly makes a stop in this stylish village or small city worth your while. They host a beautiful collection of jewellery, accessories, clothing and hats. It's the charming entrance of this little store that caught my eye, reminiscent of an era gone by, a cozy little boutique inviting you in with the allure of luxurious window displays....
Maastricht reminds me of villages in Burgundy with a little French flair.  Perhaps it's the occupation by the French many years ago that give's it the particular ambience. If the dress on the mannequin was anywhere near my size, it would have been seen here draped over my curvaceous hips..... Maastricht is a gem on it's own and features a very dynamic history, not to mention the shops and stores. Shopping galore I'd say. I could easily have parted with a more handsome figure, had it not been for the fact that we ended up here around old years eve when most stores closed early..... thank heavens. And thanks to luggage weight restrictions, sadly.
The store
 A few scenes from Maastricht, a river runs through it....

Friday 9 January 2015


Street style always makes for interesting photo opportunities, hunting styles that are captive, giving you a firm idea how style is interpreted. My recent trip to Eastern Europe provided me with ample opportunity to snap a few winter outfits, but not quite full frontal as I have not yet developed the nerve to point my lens directly into an oncoming persons face and snap away. So I ventured to the rear end of winter style providing you with some interesting layered looks. Fur was high on the agenda, from full length coats to collars and cuffs. I suppose when you spend winters in sub zero temperatures, you rely on radical methods of keeping out the cold. The key to winter dressing in Europe or countries that experience snow fall and sub zero climates, is to layer. I learnt from the Norwegians that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing. Hence my decision to bulk up on layers starting with a thermal vest, then a turtle neck top, perhaps a lightweight quilted vest or jacket, skirt or pants, with the top layer being a wind and snow proof coat in leather, puffer or fur. Winter does however require a more creative challenge. I don't normally cuddle up to strange men, but when it's Santa, you're allowed to get a little closer. I may have been caught without make up but not without my layers of clothes underneath....Boots seems to have been the most favourite item around the Baltic.
Now feast your eyes on the rear end of winter style.

 I was wearing Ventiuno Fur trim Nappa Leather Coat
Trenery Skirt
Roma Boots
Daniel Hechter Vest
Queenspark Turtle Neck
Calzedonia Tights