Wednesday 19 October 2016


Traveling in style always poses some practical problems as you have to be find a balance between being comfortable, wearing shoes that are made for walking, looking chic and feeling great at the same time, not to mention the luggage restrictions. When the cold suddenly sets in, you start layering, and when my head is covered, I am ready to go! The Russian weather took us by surprise in Moscow as we were prepared for autumn, but met with much colder weather. I always travel with a blazer to fix things up, and being smitten with denim and culottes, I found the perfect match to meet all the requirements for traveling in style. Blazers are timeless, and the weight of this Brocade jacket the perfect travel companion as it gives you a few options to style it in different ways. My boots were made for walking, the tights kept the blaze at bay, and the blazer could take me anywhere. If it was any warmer, I would have draped the blazer across my shoulders sporting the micro trend. A cross body satchel keeps your hands free (for shopping of course) allowing you to take a brisk walk, swinging the arms along to contribute towards burning up some calories after the morning's indulgence in our fabulous hotel's sumptuous spread, the Royal Aurora Marriott, smack in the middle of all the designer stores on Petrovka Street. With Dior on our doorstep, Chanel next door, Gucci across the street, and Burberry decorating the next corner, I had to look the part.... My Astrakhan hat was a very cute discovery in a fur shop hidden away in a small street completely off the beaten track. Keep your eyes open for these little gems when exploring a city! Packing list: Breton Top, Equestrian Scarf, Brocade Blazer, Denim Culottes, Printed Tights, Snake Print Ankle Boots, and Cross body satchel.

Blazer - Belle Epoque
Denim Culottes - Country Road
Tights - Department Store
Fur Hat - unknown store, Moscow
Ankle Boots - Solsana, available at
Satchel - Gucci Disco Bag