Tuesday 30 September 2014


If you have an entrepreneurial mind, the window of opportunity is lost if you don't act on it immediately, as it represents a brief moment of chance allowing you to take advantage of something that you could benefit from. With  that said, it brings me to the print of window panes. I've taken to the opportunity not because fashion dictates that I should, but because I simply like it. I adopt trends that suits me, and interpret it in my own personal way to create a look that is appropriate for my body shape and to match the occasion. This is not something I would wear to a meeting with council or when I attend court, as it shouts and makes a loud announcement saying I am adventurous as opposed to I am serious. The window pane print allows you to have a little fun, and represents a not so subtle departure from the concept as I combined two different prints with polka dots to top the crown. Take this as a challenge to grab such opportunity, be it in your closet or in business....
Coat - F&F
Pants - Studio W
Top - Studio W
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik
Handbag - Prada
Neckpiece - Vintage

Thursday 25 September 2014


It was a night of glitz and glamour when the designing due, Malcolm Kluk and Christaan Gabriel du Toit, opened their new flagship store in Bree Street, Cape Town. The renovation was carefully planned and now consists of a tower of style, covering a mega three storey building, and with a dedicated wedding dress section! They collaborated with the well established Dutch brand, Vlisco, whose fabric needs no introduction on the African continent, and launched a collection of printed garments that leave you in awe. You can take a sneak peak of the Othelia collection at www.spree.co.za if you wish to tantalize your stylish taste buds and perk up your closet with some really eye catching prints!
The new store embodies elegance with a dashing style, and the opening night took place in conjunction with Cape Town Fashion Week and in collaboration with Vlisco. The store was playfully decorated with helium filled balloons floating around and Moroccan inspired Fez clad waiters seducing attendants with sweets trays filled with Lamingtons and delectable offerings. Models took a static position, wearing multiple prints, and the scenery was reminiscent of  Studio 54 in a 70's like atmosphere.  With a free flow of Belvedere Vodka cocktails being served, guests remained hydrated..... until the wee hours of the night of course!
The new atelier can be visited at 43 to 45 Bree Street, Cape Town. The studio was abuzz with well heeled fashionistas and media members, lavishly entertained and awed in the creative splendour of the new store and the most recent collection using Dutch wax fabric.
The beauty of this house of grandeur is that they produce garments between sizes 30 to 40, allowing those with a little buxom to also flaunt it around. What's not to like about this local design duo?
Proudly South African, home grown talent..... I spotted style authoritarian, and Elle South Africa's editor, Jackie Burger rubbing shoulders with other guests, wearing a Vlisco print trench.....


Monday 22 September 2014


To live mindfully is an essential part of gaining control over most things destructive.Living mindfully aids in attaining peace, allowing you to become content with what you have as opposed to what you want.  It helps us to restrain ourselves from over spending, and indulging in toxic food stuff.   Being mindful of the importance of this, I decided to overhaul my wardrobe and revive things that are timeless, instead of going on a shopping spree buying high fashion that is neither conducive to my saving strategy nor healthy in a world of consumerism. Having visited a newly opened mega store of a popular international brand of fast fashion clothes over the weekend, I once again came to the realization just how easy it is to target and convince the consumer to buy into the concept of fashion. I resisted the urge, and reminded myself of the traps of trends. The moral of the story is that when you succumb to quick trends of which the quality passes just as quickly as the trend, you have  fallen prey to a phenomenon intended to rob you of well earned money for the sake of looking fashionable. I was horrified when I turned to the labels in this store, and discovered that it had travelled halfway around the world, with a very large carbon footprint. By  the time you have read this, the next delivery would have been made to the store. They
take pride in the idea of trends being stocked weekly, and new lines being introduced regularly. Unaware of the carbon footprint their so called fast fashion creates. Every now and then I indulge in the luxury of well travelled clothes and accessories, but I take comfort in the fact that it does not represent high fashion, and I need not discard it after a season perhaps because it's been washed to threads, or falling apart due to use. I am not saying that we should only buy high end garments and apparel, but be mindful of the life cycle of what you buy. Hence my outfit's age, average years of all the items worn in this outfit, 5 years.

Jacket - Swakara
Pants - Belle Epoque
Mary Janes  - Asos
Handbag - River Island
Turtle Neck - Angora 
Gloves - Prague Street Market

Friday 12 September 2014


This post is dedicated to London Fashion Week starting today, and in true style of Highland Fashion.
Had it not been for King George IV who popularised Tartan after his visit to Edinburgh in 1881, Tartan would probably never have become a fashionable commodity. After his visit to the city, the Monarch's keen interest in Tartan led to it being widely documented,  in turn leading to different Scottish clans adopting it's own unique design, each with a distinctive print. Queen Victoria developed the Victoria Tartan, and Prince Albert, the Balmoral.
The Queen's fondness for it contributed towards Tartan becoming  fashionable for women, a great departure from the concept considered to be reserved for men at the time.  It's  resurgence to the fashion scene has been seen on numerous occasions, and even worn by a pop cult as a sign of revolt at some time.  It has become synonymous with Scotland, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. The Isle of Skye has been nominated the 4th most beautiful island in the world, and hosts landscapes that leave you breathless, indeed a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.
Needless to say, my wide leg trousers were inspired by the travel destination, which just moved up to the top of my bucket list. I am in dire need of shopping for print.....

Images of Scottish Highlands, Island of Skye & Tartan courtesy to www.jrstextiles.com, www.airtransat.ca, www.eriksimonic.deviantart.com, http://alumni.umich.edu, www.redbubble.com
Trousers - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Gorgeous Feet, New Look
Jacket - Milan
Cross body bag - Chanel
Sunglasses - Dior
Leather belt - Hermes

Monday 8 September 2014


The calendar may dictate otherwise, but summer has not quite arrived yet. I was just about to shake out my tail feathers and slip into my summer wardrobe when all of a sudden winter returned, and with a vengeance that is. The floral print had to make way for Boucle, much more appropriate for the Cape of Storms! The best option for transitioning from one season into another, is to keep the trench coat readily available, a must have in every women's wardrobe. This light Red coat might not be a trench, but the weight of the fabric is just perfect for light cover up. The boots are made of a Jacquard fabric, not suffocating you when all of a sudden the temperature heats up again later in the day. The hat was added to give the look a whimsical edge.
Coat-Belle Epoque
Skirt - Trenery
Boots - Old and of unknown origin
Hat - Spain
Handbag - Mulberry

Thursday 4 September 2014


With spring being into it's 4th day already, I deliberately saved this bumper pack post to coincide with the bliss of summer. Danielle Margaux showed this collection at MBCTFW in July this year, and needless to say, left us breathless. She needs no introduction to women familiar with classic clothing and a penchant for timeless beauty. She is a graduate from  Cape Peninsula University of Technology and pursued her career in fashion by starting of as a pattern designer with the famous due, Kluk CGDT from Cape Town. She later advanced to creative design assistant and production manager before she introduced her own line in 2009. She takes pride in high quality and maintains high standards in crafting each piece. She also worked with Gabi Rosenwerth, another acclaimed South African designer. The tactile beauty of her fabrics can not be described in words.....
Where to find her collection: