Monday 28 April 2014


When Meryl Streep appeared in the box office hit of Out of Africa during the eighty's she suddenly created a trend that everybody sported, from lace up booties, Jodphur pants, safari jackets, to pith helmets and romantic colonial dresses. My interpretation of Out of Africa in the 20th century evolved a little and is a slight departure from what is generally perceived as safari style. My love for animal print has not subsided yet, and with this quilted moto jacket made from fabric found in Vienna, it is a far cry from what the doyenne of Hollywood portrayed in the most romantic film of all time. It is just as useful in the African bush as it is on the glitzy sidewalk of Cape Town's glamourous Cavendish mall. To sport the colonial African safari look, you can simply combine animal print with Khaki pants and lace up booties, then slap on a pith helmet and grab your binoculars to go game watching at any of the uber luxurious game lodges on our continent. Eat your heart out Karen Blixen....

Moto Jacket - Belle Epoque
Pants - Trenery
Shoes - Flexisole
Purse - Louis Vuitton
Scarf - Louis Vuitton vintage
Sunglasses - Rayban

Sunday 20 April 2014


My home away from home is the beautiful and tranquil Bushmanskloof, Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat, one of the gems of the Relais & Chateaux resorts in Africa, hidden away in the rocky mountains of the Cederberg in the Western Cape. This is no place to count calories, as a large amount of time is spent taking part in the culinary activities happening virtually around the clock. With all the meals served, very little time is left for taking part in all the other activities on offer, from archery to fly fishing, rowing to hiking, or simply meandering through the organic garden admiring the prolific abundance of fruit trees and vegetables ripe for the picking. This is a place where you can simply sit back, have a pedicure or massage, or stare at the view and watch time go by, or do as much as you like as there is a lot on offer. The value of being miles away from the bustle of every day life and it's routine, allows you to take charge of your soul and simply relax, stocking up on vitamin D and languishing around the pool. Fashion here, takes the form of comfortable safari gear, consisting of cargo pants and light weight clothes, a huge sunhat, sunglasses and plenty of ultra violet protection. With temperatures soaring well into the 30 degrees celsius, it's no place to sport swanky fashion or make up. This is a perfect opportunity to give your skin a break by simply slapping on generous layers of moisturizers. No high heels or trendy clothes required, just comfortable attire and your hiking poles needed here! The best way of absorbing the tranquility is to pamper yourself in the spa if you can find time amongst feeding sessions! My biggest concern is how to stay in shape to be able to fit into the same clothes as before the weekend, so off I am to the rocky hills to burn up my breakfast........ Needless to say, taking a break from dressing up is a huge comfort, at least for now. The value of being pampered with a scrub from the B Africa spa products is what 's on my to do list.....after all, style is not only about being dressed. Happy Easter to all!

Saturday 12 April 2014


My very first recollection of having a love of shoes, was when I stood  in awe in front of my maternal grandmother's wardrobe, staring at her variety of shoes. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and hopped into a pair prancing around, telling my granny that one day when I'm big, I'm going to wear shoes just like that. Little did I know that whatever she wore at the time, would probably have been conceived as old fashioned or out of date the next year. I had no inkling to trends but just knew I wanted shoes like hers. Many years later, I looked at old photographs, and came across a pic with my grandmother wearing shoes just like these I am wearing today. No doubt, trends do have a cycle and every now and then the ones with classic lines, return to take you an a nostalgic journey. On line shopping has it's risks, and when I bought these, I initially ordered it in Suede as I have quite a soft spot for it's shear luxury. However, when they arrived, the store had sent me the wrong pair in patent leather. I was so smitten with them, that I downright decided to forgive them the overview as I was now going to finally fill granny's shoes! Do you sport your grandmother's style?

Coat - Belle Epoque
Pants - H & M
Shoes - All Black
Eifell Tower T - Robinson Department Store
Patent leather handbag - TomEva
Mirror Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Wednesday 9 April 2014


Scuba fabric is a trend that I received with some apprehension, being a little hesitant to wear anything that would cause a melt down if it caught fire, besides, I would be undermining my own policy of only promoting natural fibres. However, the first time I laid eyes on this top, t was an instant love affair, being funky, quirky and a little oddly shaped. Being  a girl of a certain age, one sometimes poses challenges to yourself to stray and experiment with things that are unusual. I still promote the concept of less is more, and would keep the accessories to the minimum when wearing something like this. The printed pants phenomenon lingers in my collection and do I find them to add the perfect finish to a top as quirky as this one. It's not exactly what I would wear to a meeting, but for a fun day out running errants or weekend wear, it's quite fun. Mixing up  items in two tones always seem to give a look the "X" factor. You no longer have to do a scuba diving course to sport the gear!
Scuba Top - Asos
Pants - H & M
Shoes - Asos
Handbag - Celine Boston Tote

Tuesday 8 April 2014



Decision decisions, what to buy to create the capsule wardrobe? Winter months in the Southern hemisphere does not exactly require Canadian goose or down jackets, however the wind chill factor does require some warm cover up. Irrespective of your means, the best way to go about it is to obtain items that can be mixed and re-matched with each other and that will blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. So where to start, classic coat or trench, cocoon or oversized, wool or cashmere? A Trench is a staple item that is worth it's weight in Gold, and will serve you well for may years. Although I 'm a great fan of the cocoon coat, my favourite remains the classic all wool double breast coat in either fine Cashmere or a wool mix in either  White or Black. A Khaki coloured trench is probably the most practical. My love for winter White takes preference when it comes to picking a classic coat, and although you have to find a specialist dry cleaner to maintain it's virgin look, it's an item worth investing in for many winters. The Black version is always more practical, but then again, we don sometimes stray......! A well made pair of loafers in Black will provide for happy feet, and with the addition of a funky pair of tights, gives your look an instant edge!
My beloved Aquazzura suede lace up pumps in Cobalt Blue is considered sacred, and an absolute must if you venture towards the more colourful shades. Trust me, this pair will contribute greatly towards your creative ability to assemble outfits!  As for over the knee boots, I find the leg hugging slimming stretch suede the most flattering and less masculine. A leather skirt will serve you  well, and last for many seasons to come. If you cannot find a suitable button up shirt in crisp White cotton, don't overlook the men's section in department stores. My husband recently came to my rescue when he put my on track of beautifully tailored man's shirt that actually follows the female curve, slightly tapered in the waist, with a collar firm enough to put our grandmothers redundant acts of starching collars, to shame. One last thing that a capsule wardrobe needs is a Breton shirt, in honour of Ms Chanel who made this wonderful item so useful. The addition of a timeless cross body bag or small purse will finish off  your look, and voila, what more does a girl need? If you're into online shopping, a great place to start is Asos. You can virtually create a plethora of outfits with these basics!

Tuesday 1 April 2014


Mathematics has never been my favourite subject, but it doesn't mean that I have to dislike geometry. My fondness for this print is encouraged by the fact that heavy winter textiles allow you to go a little bold. The design of the coat was spurred on by the fact that the particular fabric was intended for upholstery, and not for garments. Much to the horror of Belle Epoque's principal designer, she succumbed to my request, and skilfully created this beautifully constructed over sized coat, giving it an edge with plain Black cuffs, in the softest faux suede imaginable. If you have the ability to assemble your own clothes, don't shy away from curtaining or upholstery material for winter, as the sheer weight of the heavier cloth gives architectural structure to winter coats. Be a little daring by adding a third colour and don't let the cold deprive you entirely of summer's joyful kaleidoscope. How do you wear geometric print? 

Coat - Belle Epoque
Skirt - Studio W
Turtle neck - Primark
Lace print tights - Primark
Over the knee boots - Witchery
Gloves- Prague street market
Sunglasses - Prada
Bag- Boy Chanel