Thursday 7 June 2012

I was just getting comfortable unpacking my "in between seasonal" wardrobe, when suddenly there was a dramatic change in the weather! Needless to say, that required some skill digging through my cupboard to find something appropriate for the onset of Patagonian weather. With the rain being forced into your face by the fearsome wind, one has to do a little improvising. Layer up, or cover up. Now layering takes some skill, unless, like I said before, we do not want to look like a bag lady. Although we live in the most beautiful province of Southern Africa, the Western Cape, especially Cape Town, winter weather is not for the faint hearted! Unpack your winter woollies girls as winter has hit us with a storm-excuse the pun! If you do not have an all weather mac, now is the time to go out shopping, (perhaps at the Burberry sale at the V & A ?) or perhaps a water resistant raincoat and hat, to keep us dry and our uber beautiful Chanel style jackets in it's original size and form. Umbrella's may be usefull, and sometimes even become a fashion item, but not if the wind billows at this speed. I was all dressed up for winter this morning when the wind swept my elegant Topshop Felt hat from my head, making me run after it in high heels and rendering me less than elegant! Best advice I have is to snuggle up in a in faux fur gilet (must have item this winter), gloves, berets, boots and long coats, and the essential leopard print item, perhaps a pair of gloves or loafer slippers. If in doubt about colour, any colour will do as long as it is black!

I notice the "pyjama style" suit making an entry into European and American stylista's looks. If you decide to succumb to this new look, steer clear of loafer slippers unless you want to be frowned upon by the fashion police, or perhaps be considered as granny on the loose! In the meanwhile, I am languishing in the aftermath of my shopping trip down Oxfordstreet's last winter sale,  unpacking the woollen capes, and Zara's pea coats. Speaking of the devilishly moresome Zara, I just picked up a Chanel style boucle jacket in creme, which will definitely become my core item this season since it can be worn with virtually anything. I love the shape of chinos, tapered down to the anckles, rolled up for fun, combined with pumps, either high or low ballerinas. Rest assure, a girl can never be accused of having to many ballerina's. For those of you who hail from this part of the world, check out Sarie's new online wardrobe hosting a number of South African designers at price that will make you weep if you don't order on time, and the last but not the least, our own Errol Arendz's shoes, drop dead gorgeous!
Ciao bella

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