Thursday 26 July 2012

Having just entered the Safari Style competition on Polyvore, and having looked at the other entries, I once again came to realize that style is about more than fashion. One cannot go on safari sitting pretty in a flimsy little frock, waving about in the cool breezy bushveld air and being so consumed with the cold that you perhaps miss out on spotting a cheeta, stalking it's prey!

When you are driving about in a safari vehicle, you are out in the bush, and has to dress for the occasion. Firstly, you are tracking wild animals, and not sitting in the frontrow at a fashion show! You can still flaunt your style, just don't forget where you are! Adjust your outfit accordingly, and snug up against the breeze with a parka and a scarf around the neck, there can be no better opportunity to wear animal print. Subdued colours dominate in the bush, and is moste suited if you do not want to be spotted first. You are there to view wild animals in there natural habitat, so bear in mind that bright colours might just be to obvious, and cause you to be seen long before you would see that buffalo!
Fortunately for you, rhinos do not have good eyesight!

Indulge in your most extravagant jersey leopard print, or snuggle up in a snood. Dont forget the shades and off course, your camera- sure you would like to be snapped in you best safari outfit with a big cat lurking from behind!

So long, African Queen!

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