Friday 7 December 2012


Although I prefer creating my own style and to be original, I often glean from others. I was specifically inspired by this outfit worn by Olivia Palermo. The mood created by Yellow is very energetic, and understood to stimulate creative brain activity! Hence the addition of a new item on my shopping list, a Yellow jacket. Worn with Black, it creates an instant statement, and adding a little snakeskin, the outfit is suddenly on trend! I specifically styled it with the eternally beautiful quilted bag by Chanel, a must have in your classic collection. Turtlenecks are just so comfy and versatile, contrary to doomsayers canvassing the idea of it being outdated! 
I  openly canvass the idea that you do not have to enslave yourself to fashion or to succumb to every trend in order to be stylish or chic, as it may not always suit your body type or skin tone, nor is it always flattering, but should fashion be used as a guideline. When I wear my yellow coat, I will most certainly ad some gloves, perhaps in Black leather.......
Compare and hold different tones of Yellow to your skin in front of a mirror before deciding on a purchase, as some tones tend to make one look washed out, while others warm up your skin tone. Ochre Yellow, like the peacoat styled below, is suited to most skin tones.

Leather look Pants-Topshop


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  1. Olivia is my style icon , she is incredibly elegant ! I absolutely love this look !
    p.d Thank you so much for your comment , in case you are not following up
    , I am based in Tenerife, and I am currently in Bulgaria for business reasons, but after Christmas I am back home. If you sometime come to Tenerife , please let me know, it would be a pleasure meeting you !

    XX Luba

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