Wednesday 24 July 2013


It's hard to move on from a trend so phenomenal as leopard print, no matter how hard I try. One shouldn't enslave yourself to fashion but follow it as a guideline, although some get stuck on it causing it to become a signature look. I sincerely hope that leopard has not become so synonymous with my image that it is perceived as my signature look! I do however have to confess that I like it enough to wear it at least once a week, besides, I am a child of Africa where this cunning and elusive animal reigns supreme. One should never wear more than one item of leopard print at the same time, as it can easily make you look as if you are in camouflage,  hence my introduction of colour accents-after all, the French say less is more! Try this print with Red, Hot Pink or even Cobalt Blue for a very striking look. Subtle use of colourful accessories work well with animal print, reducing the boldness. Have a little experiment if you're in doubt, it might just produce a pleasant surprise!

Coat - Belle Epoque
Turtle Neck Top - M & G Cashmere
Gloves- Prague street market
Skinny jeans - Old
Handbag - Thai Design, Platinum Fashion Plaza
Neckpiece - Handmade by Karin Cane
Boots - Prune, Buenos Aires


  1. I don't consider leopard a trend; to me it's a classic. ;-) The yellow accents look smashing with the coat!

  2. I don't think you need to ever move on, I love it! I love how you paired that coat with the yellow accents, so pretty.

  3. I am a huuuge fan of leopard prints!!! And I have never thoight of combining them with Yellow! Mind if I steal this look from you?
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