Saturday 17 August 2013


The diversity of outfits and different styles worn by the audience at Fashion week events across the globe, is a subject to be discussed independently from the runway. Fashion is what we are being dictated to, and style, the way that we interpret it to make it our own. One could walk into the atelier of a designer and have garments custom made, and then combine it in a manner to create your own look, or you can buy pret-a-porter and just wear it as is,  or you can give it your personal signature by styling it in a manner that turns heads, or simply to make you feel comfortable. The Black & White trend was something that has been sported by many women, and I only mention women since the event is mostly attended by females. I've also seen a good share of flamboyancy, which I seem to think is quite at home for the event.
Some attendants wore spectacular outfits, and some seem to think  of it as a freak show, clearly the latter was not given any space on my precious memory stick which I chose to save for the chic and fabulous. Naturally, I am featuring my own outfit since it falls into the category of Black and White, and besides, it is a blog about how I interpret style! The David Tlale show took place outdoors, with Table Mountain as a backdrop, he could not have opted for a better venue!

Courtesy of Mercedes Benz, Juliana and I were entertained very lavishly in the lounge, and shuttled to the front row for David Tlale's show that took place on the Eastern Boulevard on the highway, and below, yours truly is engaging in conversation with the king of fashion, David Tlale who stunned New York in February 2013 with his elaborate designs and flamboyancy.

This stylish women was sporting the Black & White trend with serious finesse....

The uber chic and stylish Juliana Roux, sporting Kluk, as in Kluk CGDT, a well established designer team from South Africa, and highly sought after designers. Juliana wears a beautiful brocade dress with a full box pleated skirt, and lace overlay with a slight peplum.

The flamboyant foursome, also featured above, an Italian group of friends, the two guys being Carlo & Carlo hair stylists from Seapoint, Cape Town, known for their ability to create hairstyles that leave you breathless, and guaranteed to turn heads!

Photograph courtesy of

And the birth of my outfit, but with temperatures having risen to about 24 celcius in Cape Town on Saturday, the outfit was not complete, and the silver fox fur had to be disposed     of....

Shoes from J Renee, at Spitz
Pants - Country Road
Zebra Print Blazer - Belle Epoque
Handbag - Chanel
Neck Piece - Sass Diva


  1. I am jealous, Nicolene :-)
    My daughter received an invitation for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin last year and naturally she was over the moon!
    Your look is most appropriate and meeting the designers and enjoying the atmosphere of a show must be very special. Glad you had this great opportunity.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Your shoes are wonderful! Love to see black & white in abundance. --Susan

  3. OMG!!! Congrats!!! It must have been an Amazing experience and what a great location!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Wow! Amazing day... Btw you look just gorgeous!

  5. Nicolene, you mastered to pair phyton and Zebra perfectly :-). It just looks made for each other also ist different and nobody would probably Thing it works together. I love how you give your looks your signature style and make it work for you. Really love it, so unique :-)


  6. I'm completely impressed! You look wonderful of course, as do your very beautiful friends and fashiony-folk. Looks like you had wonderful weather for it all ... this must have been the most interesting and exciting event. You also look like you were well taken care of ... very sleek interiors.
    So happy for you that you enjoyed yourself.