Sunday 8 December 2013


I was particularly fascinated by the amount of turbans being sported at Fashion Week during September this year, and with Milan being the birthplace of style and fashion, there can be no doubt that the trend is set to spill over into the next season. It's a marvellous way of adding instant flamboyancy to any look and rather convenient to keep your hair at bay around the pool, which is exactly why I am packing a number of scarves for my summer vacation in the tropics, where the temperatures still remain around 34 degrees celcius notwithstanding the fact that it is supposed to be winter. The charming Rhoda demonstrated how to tie a turban at the Style Society event in Cape Town last week, drawing many enthusiastic crowds. The Red Chamber displayed a stunningly beautiful collection of scarves in the most luxurious silks, from bright and luminous colours to soft hues of pastels and animal prints. 
The finished look:
Position the scarf in the middle of the back of your head, now tie the scarf around your head bringing the ends to the front, giving it a firm knot:
Then take the one end and turn it in the opposite side, towards the back and tuck the end;
Turn the other end straight across your head towards the back, and neatly tuck the ends, and voila!


  1. This is wonderful. I've always loved the look, but never tried it myself, but I am determined to do so in the new year, it's a must :)) This is super xx Happy Sunday!

  2. It looks so easy. I wonder if it really is... You look great in it. I must try!

  3. Thanks si much for the tutorial! I love turbans, but my head is small so I am better off with a big one--pre-formed if possible!

  4. I wore turbans this past summer and must confess, I had fun! I'll probably wear them again this spring. Great tutorial!