Saturday 7 June 2014


If ever you find yourself in Shanghai, China, the South Bund Fabric Market is a place where one could happily get lost, with a plethora of textiles ranging from cottons to the  purest silk and finest boucle. Whatever you want, can virtually be manufactured here. However, venturing there without an interpreter, leaves much lost in translation as English is not very widely spoken and if you want to be understood, you had better have it explained in Mandarin. Our charming guide and very sweet Jessica, took it upon her to introduce us to the market as an optional extra, and never reckoned with the fact that we may become totally distracted.......The choice of fabric is so vast, that you would  need at least two days just to explore the haven of fabric and get a feel for the market. It is an indoor market and provides for a cool shelter against the summer heat. If I had any idea just how capable these people were, and how quickly they could produce a garment, I would have travelled with empty luggage, or even better, no luggage at all. They take your measurements in a jiffy and tailor make whatever it is you want to fit you like a glove. Although I was not asked to come in for a fitting, this coat fitted me perfectly. The joy about having things custom made is that they make it in exactly the length and width required. Being tall, I can actually have something made of which the sleeves are long enough! If you plan on travelling that way, do include a visit to the fabric market and take along pictures or samples of things you would like to have custom made. If only I did my homework in advance..... I teamed the coat with lace stockings and a fit and flair skirt from the Australian brand, Country Road, and Suede boots with a faux fur trim.

Coat - South Bund Fabric Market, Shanghai, custom made
Skirt - Country Road
Sweater - Thrifted
Handbag - Unbranded, from Orchid Road store, Singapore
Boots - Faith
Sunglasses - Rayban
Leather gloves - Woolworths
Necklace & Oversized glass pearl bracelet - Zurri
Lace tights - New Look


  1. Godmorning,Ciao...what a Style!...very Classy,Elegant ...Unique and Fabolous...Chapeau!

  2. What a beautiful coat! We're going to be visiting Hong Kong in the fall, and I may look into getting a custom jacket made.

  3. O what joy it is to have something custom made! I really miss it... You look lovely, chic and beautiful in your wonderful coat! Great outfit!

  4. beautiful dress code, all the details are brilliant,

  5. That place sounds amazing and I am just dying for your coat!

  6. Beautiful coat and especially you in it! I was in Shanghai in 2000 and I had a dress custom made there but it was a fitted one so these days it is too tight :-)

  7. That's why I take so many clothes to my seamstress who alters them to my body shape! Often too long as I am short, most of the time too wide for my waist if they fit around my hips!
    Your coat has a beautiful colour and I like the length - longer than a jacket but shorter than a regular coat.
    While we are having a very hot weekend (and I am off today due to our holiday) it is funny to see you in boots ;-) I love them... not before our November though ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. This green coat is so stunning, love the colour and shape on you too :) xx

  9. Great coat, it was a good purchase. It's interesting to see you in autumnal clothes (I wouldn't call that a winter coat) when I am looking for summer dresses in anticipation of mid-summer....

  10. Wow! What a luxury. I'd love to have something custom made. It looks amazing and is, of course, a perfect fit. The color is great too!