Friday 12 September 2014


This post is dedicated to London Fashion Week starting today, and in true style of Highland Fashion.
Had it not been for King George IV who popularised Tartan after his visit to Edinburgh in 1881, Tartan would probably never have become a fashionable commodity. After his visit to the city, the Monarch's keen interest in Tartan led to it being widely documented,  in turn leading to different Scottish clans adopting it's own unique design, each with a distinctive print. Queen Victoria developed the Victoria Tartan, and Prince Albert, the Balmoral.
The Queen's fondness for it contributed towards Tartan becoming  fashionable for women, a great departure from the concept considered to be reserved for men at the time.  It's  resurgence to the fashion scene has been seen on numerous occasions, and even worn by a pop cult as a sign of revolt at some time.  It has become synonymous with Scotland, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. The Isle of Skye has been nominated the 4th most beautiful island in the world, and hosts landscapes that leave you breathless, indeed a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.
Needless to say, my wide leg trousers were inspired by the travel destination, which just moved up to the top of my bucket list. I am in dire need of shopping for print.....

Images of Scottish Highlands, Island of Skye & Tartan courtesy to,,,,
Trousers - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Gorgeous Feet, New Look
Jacket - Milan
Cross body bag - Chanel
Sunglasses - Dior
Leather belt - Hermes


  1. You look wonderful in Tartan!! And thank you for calling it by it's name - Tartan!! Most call it plaid without a thought and it's not what it is. I love these trousers, they are amazing. So stylish my dear. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Thank you dear Kizzy, we should recognize it for what it is, Tartan it will be!

  3. Thank you so much dear Nicolene for your kind words on my blog. I love your style too.….right up my street <3 Love those trousers!!!

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

  4. Your look is fabolous,the blend of colours is perfect and you're shining such charisma!
    enjoy Your weeend

  5. You look wonderful ! you cannot beat Tartan ! I love it ,Best wishes to you .

  6. I love your pants and great outfit dear! Kisses.

  7. I love tartan and as a matter of fact I'm wearing a plaid shirt today. Thanks Nicolene for that piece of history about tartan. You certainly know how to wear it well. I love the shoes you are wearing today, they add even more sass to your assemble.

  8. Me encanta tu pantalón, tiene un estampado precioso!!!!
    Un beso Nicolene

  9. What a great look, Nicolene! Although I have been to the UK so many times, I have never been to Scotland yet.
    I am watching the shows via live stream and can't wait for Burberry Prorsum tomorrow!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  10. I love this! Those tartan pants are beautiful.

  11. What a gorgeous and timely post! No matter what side, Yes or No, one was on, it has to be acknowledged that it was a great exercise in the democratic process for the Scots last night!
    You look fabulous in your perfectly tailored trousers. Classic, and well done!
    My husband wore his kilt for our wedding ... we had it made by a tailor at a kilt shop on Vancouver Island, B. C. and had to wait and wait for a special milling of his McMillen tartan. There are several, and some of them are so loud they wouldn't have worked. He says, though, that if we ever win the lottery big-time, he'll go to Scotland and have a kilt made in every one of the patterns. No worries there, though!

    1. Jan what a delightful comment, How I would love a visit to Scotland, what a victory for them to remain united!