Thursday 5 February 2015


Candid photography renders pictures so much more interesting, capturing expressions not otherwise seen when a person poses for a picture. Somehow, people's faces take on an unnatural expression devoid of spontaneity rendering them a little lifeless the moment you ask them to pose for a picture. So, I went on safari doing candid.....

I saw many outfits made from traditional Dutch wax and Shwe Shwe, indigenous African  fabric with an ethnic character. The Dutch wax has become extremely popular, so much so that it has fallen prey to opportunistic masters of piracy and sold at street markets at a fraction of the price. Vlisco has been the pioneers in  Dutch Wax and recently formed an a collaboration with a famous design due of Cape Town, creating extravagant mixes in a multitude of bold prints with a plethora of patterns. The exciting part about this print, is that the mix always contain an element of surprise.  

This post presents a few of the wax prints and traditional fabric worn by attendees. The cylindrical hats with the flat tops, are traditional Zulu hats that were  given a breath of new life styled with modern clothing.


  1. Very interesting hats and hairstyles! I like the ethnic fabrics. So interesting and different from what we have here.

    Greetings from Prague!

  2. Amazing looks! Kisses.

  3. Wow, these are gorgeous! I love the prints!

  4. Hi. I am stopping by from link-up Hat Attack. I am amazed by georgeus ladies on your pictures. So inventive and colourful dresses and hats. I am looking forward to see more pictures on your blog.

  5. Wow! The colors and prints are so unique! I LOVE all the hats! It is so good to see something new and original! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Take care and keep in touch! :)


  6. Amazing fabrics and beautiful stylisations.Cap Town is amazing place on the world -I think. Best.