Thursday 19 March 2015


Ever had an idea for an outfit and not finding it anywhere in store? That's when I resort to fabric stores, gathering bits and pieces of material to give birth to a new outfit. What if the fabric store does not have the fabric you have in mind? Then you resort to different options, be it upholstery or curtain  fabric, and in this case, scarves!
I stumbled across a beautiful silk scarf store in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a while ago and new instantly that it would make a fabulous blazer. I bought several of the same scarves to assemble a jacket. With the talent of my local seamstress and designer, two minds created this gorgeous number. It is essential to give a little structure to a blazer by having it lined. I also paid a brief visit to a craft market in Bangkok where local Thai crafts people exhibit their talent. It is here where my eye caught the attention of another scarf  - cum shawl, most suitable for matching pants. It drapes beautifully and is firm enough to hold it's shape. The only handicap is that you need a specialist dry cleaner when you have things of such fine fabric, cleaned. The soft and natural fibres of silk makes it ideal to construct into wearable garments, but do be mindful as it needs special methods of care in cleaning.  I'ts been a very eventful month with a great deal of exposure to fashion and beauty during fashion and hair shows, including  a show of the miraculous new product by TREsemme, controlling split ends, more of that to be shown later.
In the meanwhile, I'm gearing up for fall, gathering trends and ideas and toying with the concept of creative dressing...... so watch this space for the next outfit post soon!



  1. That jacket is like a piece of art! Amazing!

  2. Oooh, very, very pretty jacket! Lovely sewing job!

  3. These colours are fantastic, love the jacket...perfect :)) xx

  4. I love the story of how this gorgeous jacket came to be! Well done my dear!

  5. Being a designer myself, I really appreciate your ceativity here and that jacket looks fabulous! Love the color and the gold buttons, well done :)

  6. I can only dream of such a creative outcome from travels like yours! I'm pretty well stupefied at how lovely this piece is ... WHEN, please will we see it on you. That, my lovely friend, is Personal Style, complete with capital letters. Delicious.

    1. Thank you Jan with your very generous compliment, I hope to fit into the pants soon after my little over indulging break!

  7. Stunning jacket and fabulous accessories too!