Friday 10 July 2015


Heavy weights, that's what I'm into this winter. Oversized, quilted, padded and generous fabric. This once is as thick as cream, like Mascarpone. That's what winter is all about. Layering is always a soft option to ad some style and needs no introduction to the trend scene.  Australian stylist and blogger, Margaret Zhang, has taken the trend to new heights, wearing layers like it's never been done before. Our mild winter weather hardly requires anything more than a light weight top with a coat, leaving one with little opportunity for layering. 
I have a secret love affair with printed or patterned stockings, hence my repeat on these Argyle ones. They provide an instant edge to an outfit and has become my "go to" escape when my imagination lets me down. How do you wear oversized coats? To bad the Northern hemisphere has already had the pleasure of this trend, because it tends to grow on one. The advantage is that the Southern hemisphere get's it fine tuned by all the fashionistas whose been seen sporting it around the world at Fashion  Weeks. Thank goodness, now we can perfect it having had a preview from those stylish mortals in the other half of the world.  

Coat - H & M
Skirt - Country Road
Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Turtle neck - Monton
Tights - Argyle V&D Amsterdam

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