Tuesday 4 July 2017


You've probably heard me saying that you need not spend a fortune to look pretty decent (although it helps to expedite the process if you spend an embarrassing amount of money on a pair of shoes or coat, but then it should be made to last, and no doubt, with a conscience). Over the years, I have learnt to mix high end extravagance with high street stores, creating my own signature look,  reducing my boredom level with stuff bought at shameful prices, pacifying my own conscience at the same time, and making one little difference, one purchase at a time!

One should still be mindful of buying quality as opposed to quantity to get optimum wear out of anything. It is Vivienne Westwood who stated that one should buy less but better. It's also a social responsibility to contribute towards sustainable fashion. Although H&M has long been known for the concept of fast fashion, and perhaps to a large extent they still remain churning garments out by the minute, they do produce a gorgeous and more exclusive range under the Studio or Conscious Exclusive Collection label annually, becoming progressively more conscious of the real price of fashion. My primary concern when buying anything anywhere is quality, and no doubt, the true distance it's travelled to get to store. Very few of us have ever given any thought of the real cost of fashion, taking into account the cotton production, pollution, the amount of water required to generate and grow cotton, landfill and wastage,  the carbon footprint and working conditions of those who make our clothes.

No garment should be made to last only one season, causing you to have to discard it or hand it down  to charity stores after one season. H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017 was launched in April this year, and made to last.  With a little luck I managed to get my hands on one of few works of art, made entirely from recycled yarns and material, presenting itself as a collectors piece as seen below. Now feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous garments exhibited at Jackie Burger's Salon58 Soiree event held during autumn this year, and take a stroll down the gallery of inspiration as presented during the event at MoMo Gallery, Cape Town. Can you imagine a dress being made from marine waste? H&M could, and produced a dress that left us all in awe. Hosted but none other than Jackie Burger, the morning was a great opportunity to participate in the  discussion on the concept of mindful living. It left a lasting impression. Think before you act, not only when you shop, but pay attention to what you eat, how you interact, and learn to live in the moment. Now shop with a conscience and spread the joy, while I am rushing to slip into my beautifully adorned jacket, all for a good cause. Take some inspiration by the way Jackie Burger curated this jacket to create a look of note.
Jackie Burger, Salonniere
Barbara Lenhard with Carla van der Merwe



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