Tuesday 18 September 2012


Ever noticed how in a consumer market, the concept of mix and match has become redundant ? But not if you are a fashionomic, a fashionista with a sense of economics like I would call it. That brings us to the aspect of cost per wear, how often to you reckon that out? Perhaps I am not that pedantic, but it does crop up in the back of my mind immediately before I decide to splurge on an expensive handbag or other extravagant fashionable item. If I don't think of it as a timeless piece, I will think carefully before I part with my money. But sometimes we buy things we know, is only going to be stylish as long as the trend lasts, and then it becomes a little dated. This is how I considered the jacket below, which was a little vibrant for it's time, and became a little outdated just to soon. However, it somehow found it's way back into fashion...... and so the story begins.
So what's that got to do with style? Well, just about everything, a fool and his money is soon parted, so I often consider how many outfits I can create with a single piece, which leads me back to the subject of mix and match. I took this simple printed jacket which I bought for a cruise about  two years ago, and re-styled it with more recent trends. The initial idea was to combine it with stripes to create a nautical look at sea. Just when I thought that the little number had served it's purpose, print returned in full swing! I subsequently mixed it up with more recent items, and voila! One jacket, four outfits. I am sure there is something in your wardrobe that would serve the same purpose, giving you instant return on your investment!

Combined with Coral, and Navy pants
Jacket-Queenspark, Pants-C & A, Shoes-Zara

Jacket & Pants as before, Top-Stradivarius, Shoes-Woolworths
 Jacket and Pants, as before, Top-Studio W, Shoes-Zara (old)
 Jacket as before, Top-Primark, Necklace-Sassdiva
Hope you find some inspiration to whip up a few more outfits today, remixing the same items!

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  1. Wow, such a great jacket, and totally on trend right now. I think this is definitely a classic because you stuck with black & white. I try to create at least 2 outfits with every piece I buy, and for most pieces, I try to make it work for both work and weekends.

    xo Jenny