Thursday 27 September 2012


Who ever said you cannot be stylish or fashionable on a shoestring? It is a myth to think that you cannot be chic because of want of money. My Italian friend who always looks as if she just stepped out of a fashion shoot, promotes the idea of "dressing up" a bargain, by combining an expensive or high end item with items found at bargain stores. The alternative is to ad some glamour by simply replacing inferior buttons with good quality or more extravagant ones, or adding trimmings, and voila! Imagine the classic you know whose jacket aka Coco in a boucle weave spruced up with Castellano Beltrami's luxurious trimmings on the cuffs, intended for upholstery - yes that is right - and it makes for one spectacular piece!  I guarantee you some awe inspired looks wearing that, so prepare yourself for envy girls! You can make a statement with your outfit no matter how much it cost. You should perhaps only invest in one good quality garment per year if funds do not allow you to splurge on upmarket designs on a more regular basis. I often combine a designer item with simpler accessories or the other way around, and being selective about quality, and not price, you can go a long way. One store that comes to mind when I think of fashion on a shoestring, is H & M, the Swedish chain with stores across the world. Not having H & M in South Africa, is quite a disadvantage, but fortunately, I get to travel abroad on a regular basis allowing me ample opportunity to shop the world. It will be a welcome addition if H & M would open it's doors down South! Come on girls, should we not lobby a protest against them for not being here?
Take a peak at what's in season around the world, where the trees are shedding leaves, where gloves are taking centre stage, animal instinct is unleashed in faux fur and the winter woollies are being unpacked....all from H & M's look book.
Have a look at for what's in store

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