Monday 22 October 2012


Imagine being the L'Oreal Paris spokesperson, imagine once being the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, and the house model for Chanel, imagine being a mother, and author, all at  once, imagine being Ines de la Fressange, one of the most iconic women. Always dressed in a manner that inspires, and being the subject of envy for many stylish women, she leads by example. Achieving this look is actually very simple, just follow a few basic guidelines, ditch anything remotely resembling an overkill, and voila! She manages to make every outfit she ever appears in, look completely effortless!
She published a guide to Parisian chic, with very practical advice on how to dress like a Parisian, and how to mix affordable fashion with high end fashion. Being slightly francophiled myself, I could easily succumb...... after all, who doesn't want to look like a Parisian? If all else fails, get this book, and follow the simple guidelines to create and achieve the understated look of French women, never over styled nor under dressed. If one could achieve style nirvana, this would be it. Chic doesn't get any better than this!
Photo from Google
Dressed to kill......uber chic Ines, how's this for 50something?


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