Monday 8 October 2012

Survival Kit

Survival Kit
Absolute beauty essentials!

They say there are two things that are sure, death and taxes. Well, not to my mind, loosing skin's elasticity and getting brittle hair is something else that you can add to what's to come, no matter what you do, skin and hair looses it's appeal and condition as you get older. Fortunately for the likes of  Estee Lauder and Moroccan oil, we can delay this considerably, providing you with dramatic results. This is not a promotion, but a true life experience, does it sound unreal? After having suffered dry skin for a number of years, experimenting with different products, I finally came across something that actually does what it claims to do!
The Moroccan oil treatment instantly revives dull hair, and frequent use brings about a new shine and condition, unknown to any other hair products that I have used before. Estee has also improved it's Perfectionist Serum formula with the all new CP+R, providing an almost instant lift to your skin, and improving the condition with remarkable results within a few weeks. Using it with Resilience Lift Extreme, is almost like stopping time in it's tracks, making you look even better than before! Hence  the name, survival kit. I am prepared to sacrifice a pair of Manolos for this kit, if needs be, how about you?

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