Friday 17 May 2013


Jeans are normally not associated with a law office, unless you are the boss, and decided that Fridays may be more casual subject to the denims not being ripped, torn or skimming on the floor with flip flops and T shirts. Jeans are perceived to be casual, although a new trend has been seen in which denim is dressed up. Denim is no longer associated with carpentry or physical labour. Having an office in a small village, being to dressy, sometimes seem to intimidate or even create distance which is not conducive to creating a pleasant and relaxing environment for clients, and when I was recently asked "do you always dress so formally" with reference to my stark Black suits, I realised that it creates a barrier. Hence the more casual approach on Fridays.... Not exactly my idea of dressing for a meeting, or perhaps court, but for purposes of being office bound behind the desk, I feel perfectly comfortable. Besides, our very own Madiba introduced African casual with his beautiful printed shirts in traditional African style in Parliament, and somehow created an acceptance for men to wear open collars at the office, so why should we girls not go along and introduce a more casual environment without detracting from the formalities of an office, and still look pretty decent? I prefer the bottoms turned up, it just seems to ad something edgy. I am still new at layering, and slowly getting use to the idea of my shirt being longer than my jacket, and having much fun experimenting with this trend!


Boucle Jacket - Camaieu
Shirt - Zara  (Old)
Boyfriend Jeans - Woolworths (Old)
Shoes - Zara
Bag - As Before
Vintage Chanel Accessories - Nice Antique Market
Sunglasses - Ray Ban


  1. Love this look!
    Love boucle jackets!

  2. So lovely to find your blog, and be able to add you to my friends, yeahhhhhhhhhh
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I like the whole look but the shoes. They're a bit too much for me.
    best, Joanna

  4. I can understand you need to balance your attire very well - being a legitimate lawyer but also approachable for your clients.
    Dark blue or black jeans with classy accessories is certainly a good choice for a day at the office.

    Lady of Style
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  5. Way to go, Nicolene!
    You look FABUlOUS in your casual but oh so chic Friday outfit!