Friday 3 May 2013


I just about travelled halfway around the world to find a Coral handbag, and with my husband's keen eye for a beautiful bag and knowing my taste, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful work of art embossed in soft suede leather. I cannot wait to get home to style this with a Coral jacket and shoes..... With the Czech capitol being wet and experiencing an average of 16 degrees celsius, perhaps not in the spirit of summer, but most definitely creating a little warmth in our impending winter. Posting from the beautiful city of Prague today, I lack a little courage to post on summer outfits, which is seen all around me in stores. Coral seems to be a favorite, with a lot of bright and beautiful pastels in bloom.


  1. Fabulous that your husband spotted this gorgeous bag! It is beautiful.

    I hope the weather will improve on your journey. I am currently enjoying very nice spring temperatures in Portugal.

    Lady of Style
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  2. My boyfriend should have those eyes hehehe, what a beautiful bag he spotted Nicolene. You should visit Budapest, its such a magical city.

    Have funy discovering Europe and dont forget GERMANY ;-)


  3. Beautiful bag! Hope you're having a wonderful time!