Tuesday 18 June 2013


It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on a Brocade blazer by Balmain as featured in a previous post, however, the decision to buy it, was curtailed by the fact that I could never justify the cost per wear, and being prohibitively expensive, I decided to settle for the less extravagant version of Brocade. I put pen to paper and had a blazer made to measure from upholstery material, normally only associated with furniture. The stability of a textile so heavy, leans itself perfectly for coats and jackets, as it contributes towards the fit and holds it shape forever. I am fortunate to be able to employ the skills of a designer and pattern maker who can virtually create any style and whose craftsmanship is the closest to haute couture. The precision with which she measures and cuts, is awe inspiring, allowing you to get exactly what you want. To be able to have garments made to measure, is a great advantage if you have a large imagination with access to good textiles, hence my shopping adventure at Komolka Stoffe in Vienna, where one could get lost in a wonderland of fabric, and where you can find similar Brocade fabric. If you are pear shaped, this particular length and cut of the blazer lends itself better to straight leg pants as opposed to the ones I wear in this post, but distant dry cleaning facilities rendered my unable to retrieve my favourite woollen pants in time for the spur of the moment urge to wear this blazer today.
Jacket - Belle Epoque
Pants - H & M
Shoes- Woolworths
Handbag - Celine Boston Tote
Polka dot Top - Woolworths
Neck Piece - Sass Diva
Bracelet - Hermes


  1. Wow, that's a stunning jacket! There's nothing like a custom-made piece for getting exactly what you want (and a perfect fit).

  2. beautiful outfit! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too! keep in touch!


  3. Fabulous bag

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  4. You look absolutely stunning!!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions.

    Lauren xx

  5. Really gorgeous jacket, Nicolene.
    And obviously dreaming of your handbag... ;-)

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