Wednesday 26 June 2013


Unlike most other people, I look forward to winter since I associate it with all things that brings nostalgia to mind, milk porridge as a child, soup, pancakes, log fires, white holidays, and last but not the least, warm winter woollies and boots for frolicking in the cold! Winter just allows you to wear so much more variety, as opposed to summer that gets sweltering hot in Africa, leaving you with fewer dressy options.  This brings me back to the efficacy of layering, when indoors, just remove the top layer, and when you're cold, step right back into your coat of arms, guarding you against the onslaught of the Western Cape's fierce wind and rain in winter. The cape has made it's come back, and is always a welcome guest in my closet for it can easily hide bulk collected around the waist due to warm stews and winter delights, and leaves you enough room to manoeuvre around with comfort. It has a certain allure, making me feel all dressed up. Although it may be perceived as a little formal, it could just as well be worn with jeans and boots, creating a more casual look. This little Camel cape was bought about 3 years ago, but was instantly revived from the trend archive when I scrolled down the street style pictorials of February's fashion weeks in Europe. If the likes of Giovanna Bataglia wore it then, it must still be a great trend here.....

Cape - Miss Selfridge
Gloves - River Island
Bag - Louis Vuitton


  1. I just adore this look; it's so timeless and elegant!! Wonderful cape.

  2. You look perfect in this outfit, so classy! And I love that camel cape!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Fabulous outfit! I love it:)

  4. Cape, bag, gloves - great style, Nicolene!

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    Lady of Style

  5. Lovely post. I got nostalgic reading this myself!
    That cape is absolutely devine, a timeless wardrobe piece.

  6. I love capes - they are indeed timeless! Love how you are styled!

  7. Beautiful classic cape (!) as well as very sleek choices all around. (Best accessory, though, is your confident little smile.)
    As much as I always want spring to arrive, I begin missing winter about this time every year. I look better in the winter.
    For all of us in the other hemisphere, we'd do well to watch what our southern hemisphere sisters are doing ... an early look at how real women work the season's ideas in advance!