Tuesday 7 January 2014


We're all familiar with grandma's advice that horizontal stripes make you look wider, however, with careful consideration to height, one get away with it sporting a look that breaks all rules of style. We should all venture outside our comfort zones from time to time  and challenge convention in order to develop our own personal signature look or create a new trend. Being of generous height, I don't follow convention when it comes to stripes, and decided to go a little bald by wearing it longer than usual. If you are vertically challenged or on the short side, it could still work if you change the length to just below or just above the knee, allowing us girls of a certain age to still expose a little flesh without looking like we are sporting our teenage daughter's skirts. The print on print trend is continued in this look, and with the Cerise Pink cuffs turned outside, the Polka dots adds a little playfulness to the outfit. How do you sport these trends?
Blazer - Studio W
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Asos
Reversible Leather Handbag - Florence Street Market
Watch - Vintage Rolex
Neck Piece - Siem Reap Silver Market


  1. "Great minds think alike" We are the polka dots ladies today. You look stunning with your combo. I completely adore your skirt_I have been looking for one like that. I also love the pop of color that you added to this look. Genius!

    "It's all in the mix" New post on:

  2. very courageous and beautiful outfit, I really likexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I really like the look. The skirt and jacket are gorgeous. This mixture of stripes and polka dots is risky, but it works. I love the pink detail on the sleeves, this is a very chic touch of color. You look gorgeous.

  4. Goodmorning Nicolene...Yu're always so stylish!...this outfit is so playful...so charming...polka dot and stripes are a stunning effect on You...Origianle,Creative,Artistic look!

  5. You pulled this one greacefully with elegance! I like it so much! I wish I had a skirt like that. You look great as always. I don't know what to write that praise you.

  6. You look amazing. I am so tired of my conservative way of dressing, however, I am picking up some great hints from you. Now I just need the lifestyle to go with the fiftyfabulous trend.

  7. I think this outfit works because you have the right length on the skirt. Perfect to have these fab shoes showing. Love the pink bag and jacket. Beautiful, I love this styling!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Very pretty! I was just commenting to myself about how I love the horizontal striped skirt, but could I wear it? I will definitely give it a whirl, or a twirl! Thanks for the insights!

  9. It's possible these sage advisors were thinking of skin-tight horizontal stripes not fabulous flowing horizontal stripes like you have on, especially when you wear them with dots and those cerise cuffs. Just lovely.

  10. This is definitely a fabulous look, I agree with you, never be afraid to try a fashion, you never know how it will look.

  11. Love this look, the stripes are amazing!! You look stunning xx

  12. Amazing mix & match.... I love stripes and dots, and your skirt is very cool!!!!

  13. Love this look. You look absolutely fantastic:))))))
    Kisses Beata

  14. I love love love love love this skirt! You styled it exactly the way I would have with some accents of pink. Sometimes I add a little leopard when I wear polka dots. It's a great look. I think full skirts are so elegant and timeless and love the way you put this ensemble together.


  15. Kapitalne zestawienie wzorów i na dodatek wcale nie pogrubia. :)

  16. Love the stripped skirt and those shoes!

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  17. Gorgeous look! Maybe you'd like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?
    Let me know and I follow back right away :)