Wednesday 15 January 2014


Having a packing list for your poolside excursions could save you from a lot of agony,  but if you stick to a few rules when prancing around  the pool, you need not spend the rest of your holiday covered up under an umbrella wrapped in Calomine lotion to relief the pain of sunburn!

To much exposure to the sun could easily spoil a holiday, so gear up for the highest sun protection factor that you can find, the lighter your skin, the higher the number, to keep the harmful rays at bay and to minimise the chances of premature ageing. We should after all age gracefully! My list has grown substantially since the invention of Apple appliances, but primarily includes the following essential items:

1.     A huge hat to protect your face from direct sunlight;
2.     Fisherman's pants to lounge around when you need to cover up;
3.     Sunglasses with UV protection lenses;
4.     Blockout or sun protection lotion;
5.     Lip ice-to protect your lips from getting burnt, and no, I don't think being called hot lips    
        anything to do with sunburn!
6.     Comfortable and non slip shoes for walking on wet surfaces;
7.     A good book or perhaps an Electronic library full of digital books!
8.     Swimming costume with good support to keep gravity at bay!
9.     Lots of fluids to stay hidrated;
10.   The odd stroll to the pool bar to burn of the kilojoules of a Mogito or exotic drink while 
        stretching out like a lazy kitten;
11.   Wet wipes to wipe of the moisture, and don't forget to re-apply the protection cream!
12.   A water resistant pool bag;
13.  Moroccan oil to apply to your hair after a splash in the pool, giving it an instant 
Best advice I can offer is to give your skin a break from make up while at leisure.

One's only criterium for what to wear next to the pool, besides your swimming costume, should be that of light weight, easy drying cool clothes. I stock up on sarongs and fishermans pants whenever we visit Thailand, two essential things a girl at leisure should consider necessary. The joy of these pants is that you can shelter and conceal all little indulgences as the mass of material wrapped around you is merely tied together in front, with lots of space for the nasty excess collected when breaking away from dietary rules!

What do you wear when covering up at the pool?         

Pants-Thai Craft
Bag-Michael Kors



  1. Don't do that to me! I want pool and cover my head with a big hat and huge sunglasses wearing just swim suit. Ach...

  2. No, 8 Swimming costume with good support to keep gravity at bay! - it feels like an unattainable dream ... lol.

  3. Beautiful:)))) love the bag:)

  4. Great tips. I really love your bag and shoes. Super cute!

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  6. Really these survival kits should be collected by all. People are so much concerned about these facts nowadays.