Saturday 8 March 2014


Yesterdays taboos are tomorrows trends. I was raised with the idea that White shoes are a taboo, and that the shoes should never be lighter than the seam. Sounds a little archaic to you? Well, it fact it is. There are a number of fashion dos and don'ts that we grew up with that now appear to be primitive and outdated. Here I am again, challenging convention, or perhaps simply ignoring outdated rules. My soles are much paler than the pants, I am wearing different prints together, and I feel ecstatic about the liberation. One more advantage of being a girl of a certain age.... 

Blazer - Charter Club
Pants - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Valentino Rock Studs
Top - H&M
Clutch bag - Jimmy Choo


  1. Great post...stunning outfit...Yes,in Art and in Fashion no taboo...always newest trend!

  2. This outfit is making me to love nude color even more! You look terrific my dear. The animal print in your pants and clutch is the perfect touch.

  3. Lovely pants, I like the outfit with jacket and fantastic shoes. The bag on a gem, cute.

  4. Soooo true. Wonderful article. You look fantastic and the clutch is to die for!
    Happy Saturday!

  5. Very elegant dear! I love your clutch! Kisses.

  6. Incredible style and blog!

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  7. I love those shoes, and they are a perfect accent for the leopard.

  8. Yes, yes and yes! Rules are for tools! I love the way you break the rules!!

  9. I think when it comes to dressing up there should be NO rules! I actually love the paler shoes look.. it makes legs look longer and more sophisticated! Absolutely love your Valentinos and 2 thumbs up for the pairing!

    From Dubai with xxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  10. Beautiful, Nicolene! I love all kinds of animal prints so you can imagine how much I love your look.
    The neutral colours make it very sophisticated.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  11. Fantastic, dear friend.
    Good MOnday

  12. Hello
    I am new to your blog, but love your outfits. The first one is lovely. I like the mixture of textures and design , looks great on you, and I am a huge fan of vntage. I have cat eye glasses, but looking into ones that are more exaggerated, the black and the cobalt is a great combination and since I love lace, even better. I found your site through the link up ( Patti's), so if you have time, perhaps you could drop by and see my cat eye Mad Men look

  13. Thanks for sharing your great look with Visible Monday.

  14. This theme seems to be on the minds of a lot of us! As we move into summer here, I'll keep this outfit in mind to copy with very-little-to-no shame! I won't be able to manage the warmth of the jacket, but the colors and patterns will inspire. I also admire your confident not-quite smile ... you look grand!

  15. Great ensemble and your Valentino heels are to die for!!!!
    Happy Wed darling!

  16. I love your look from top to toe. The clutch is so pretty, I love the color and of course the texture. I must live vicariously for people that can wear heels, those are amazing . If you have time to stop by: