Wednesday 13 August 2014


I take great pride in discovering women of substance, and when I prowled the foyer of Fashion Week in Cape Town in search of the superwomen, dressed immaculately  yet stylish, fashionable but not overwhelmingly trendy, I spotted this chic lady.
I was in awe with her monochrome outfit. She carried it off with the confidence of a queen, looking regal and elegant. She is none other than Roshan Isaacs, the editor of online publication and magazine, Style Africa. Look at the detail of her beautifully constructed turban...... how gorgeous is that?
She certainly is a force to reckon with, although she appeared humbled by my request to photograph her. I took a peak at her interview with Spice4Life, who wrote the following:
I think the most significant barrier to female leadership is… trying to be someone else, and worse trying to fill a mans shoes.  Women are nurturers and when applied in a workplace it’s amazing what you can accomplish.
The biggest challenge for the generation of women behind me will be… to define the role of women in the workplace as not equal to men but different and for men to acknowledge that a women's role is far bigger than the office role alone.
My top three tips for women in business are…
  1. to be successful you must have a thirst for knowledge,
  2. Never drop your standards, know yourself and always deliver your best.
  3. Don’t be greedy, perfect what you do and your efforts will reap the right rewards.
After having read her story about how she got to the top, I am convinced that she is the epitome of inspirational women. After all, that's what this blog is all about, women who aspire to inspire.



  1. Amazing outfit! that lady has a style!

  2. The lady is beautiful and has a wonderful smile! I am always glad to see how many lovable women of +40 are around nowadays...and I agree with your tips!

  3. You should enter my giveaway lovely :) all you have to do is comment on the post xx

  4. Fashion style, I like, the Channel shoes is so nice.

  5. Amazing style! Fantastic Shoes


  6. Beautiful style .I like it very much.:)

  7. Thank YOU for the lovely article Nicolene. I am flattered by your compliments and the responses above. Humbled, Roshan

    1. Thanks for stopping by Roshan, hope to meet again!