Saturday 9 August 2014


The allusive cat may be an endangered species, but the phenomenon to sport leopard print will never become extinct. And even if it does, it has a charm and beauty in a league of its own. If the executive chairperson of AFI, the stylish Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe wears it, there must be something to it! By the look of the outfits worn at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town at the end of last month, it is evidently clear that it's here to stay. The opening night saw Marianne Fassler showing a magnificent collection of ethnic print, with leopard firmly entrenched in her display of African inspired frocks. Watch this blog for more about her collection at a later stage. I myself took to the jungle for inspiration, and wore a little leopard to add some spice to my look. 

If you find fur offencive, my coat is not for the faint hearted as Swakara is the subject of many heated emotions, remaining a controversial issue.  Processed in Namibia, and highly sought after in the rest of the world, it's the only country who may call the wool of the Karakul lamb, Swakara.  The pelt of the curly lamb is also known as Astrakhan elsewhere in the world. The harvesting is a painful thought, but the beauty of Karakul fur is everlasting and strikingly elegant, each piece becoming an heirloom and a work of art, skilfully crafted by expert furriers. 

I captured a few attendees who represented the leopard print in many different looks, have a peek, and get use to it. No wonder DvF calls animal print the new neutral....

Compliments to Mercedes Benz who hosted the Fiftyfabulous team in the VIP lounge, allowing us to be duly rehydrated between shows on the opening night.

Also seen wearing the trend, the stylish Executive Chairperson of Africa Fashion International (AFI), the charming Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe
The uber chic and sensational new C -class, driven by innovation.
Unknown attendees, each wearing it in a unique way.
 Look at the subtle blend between print on print...
  Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe with Jen Su, Sky News Anchor
 A sneak preview of Marianne Fassler's collection...
Coat - Swakara
Napp Leather skirt - Asos
Suede Boots - Faith
Clutch - Marc Jacobs
Gloves- Prague street market
Leopard Print shirt - Belle Epoque


  1. I like your outfit the best! Really you look elegant, classy with the touch of spice and real style. I cannot find the right words to describe it. All other ladies have very nice outfits but I don't see them as persons but just outfits except Jen Su perhaps.

    1. Thank you so much Martina, I appreciate your comments, and as you can see, I followed your make up advice regarding the eye brows given before!

  2. I can never get tired to see animal prints!!! Nicolene, I ADORE your bag. You look fantastic wearing leopard prints. You made these prints work like a pro.

    1. Thank you Carelia, I must say I don't think I will ever tire of it either, I keep on buying leopard print! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Buongiorno,Goodmorning...nice photos and your outfit is so charming and breathtaking!
    best,peace and joy

  4. Love leopard print, you look stunning xx