Monday 8 December 2014


I  pay great consideration to fashion economics before I venture out shopping, but don't always succeed in applying my own rules. When shopping for clothes, one must bear in mind that fast fashion is intended to only last for one season, with the object of luring the buyer into constantly and obsessively updating trends, cashing in on the youth's  uncontrollable  vulnerability.  Some of us fall prey to the concept which is deliberately intended to rob us from our funds and to keep the fashion industry in business. When investing in key pieces, it is  necessary to distance yourself from hugely trendy items merely for the sake of being in fashion and sporting the latest trends. High end fashion items might cause you to dig deeper into the pockets but it will last you much longer, giving you optimum pleasure as you are likely to wear something that won't easily be seen worn by somebody else in the same room. A carefully thought out design is also likely to become a collectable item, adding value to your look by defining it as different and unique. Falling prey to the fast fashion trend, causes you to spend a whole lot more on clothes as opposed to collecting timeless attire and growing an estate or obtaining financial security.
Now you might ask what worth money has  if you cannot spend it? Fortunately our priorities change as we move on in life, and with maturity comes a steady acceptance of the fact that you don't always have to be fashionable to look good, or to be considered stylish, hence my approach to rather invest in quality and so called more "upmarket" and timeless items, as  opposed to random purchases that only last for one season. You can however remain current by merely buying less, concentrating on luxury fabrics and styles that should last a while longer. That doesn't  mean that you are not allowed to buy fast fashion, or that you should only splurge on a high end items. It just makes so much more sense to me  to buy less and to rather tick the box with that iconic piece  of interlocking CC's  that will never loose it's charm...carefully stitched in the finest lamb skin imaginable.
The horizontal striped jacket is couture, and hopefully it's fine fabric, cut and style will last me into a few more years. I barely returned from Martvisser Couture when I saw a similar jacket on the rails of a well known Spanish brand, manufacturing millions of each particular item, and with weekly turnovers of new stock constantly arriving, I can hardly imagine the "reproduced version" to take one into the next year...... Splurge a little, and even if you see a few copies bandied about, your investment piece will soon distinguish itself from it's rival copy....

Jacket- Martvisser Couture
Pants- Trenery
Blouse - Trenerey
Silk Scarf - India
Belt - Bulgari, vintage
Shoes - Zara, yes, fast fashion!
Sunglasses - Miu Miu


  1. Great combination and cute outfit! Kisses.

  2. Love the stripes and added colour, so lovely xx

  3. And so it appears that over spending and quality shopping is on both of our minds. Unfortunately, with today's you, the idea of individuality is less important than fitting in. Thus the extreme shopping. After all, if Cindy has it, then Sally will want it too.

  4. I so agree with you! I'm sick and tired of being groomed to buy fast fashion (Yes I'm looking at you, Zara, Mango, and the whole of the British High Street). In our tiny London flat, we don't have much space anyway, so these days I'm buying less but of high quality. Here's a great post I wrote in the past, an interview with Bottega Veneta's head designer on the issue of fast fashion: