Saturday 13 December 2014


Having witnessed it first hand, there can be no doubt about the reason why Glamour magazine described Jacques LaGrange as the King of Couture. Models were sashaying their hips, strutting their stuff in dresses with thigh  high splits and clear lace on the Red carpet at the recent fashion show held at Le Kap Lifestyle Fair. Even though I am no longer in the age group where I can slip into and swing my hips in any of these slender dresses, this collection is stunningly beautiful!  

The collection displayed his remarkable ability to work in different styles, with a distinct skill to work extravagant fabric into magical garments.  Jacques is famous for making the most exquisite evening gowns and wedding dresses, and if I heard correctly trough the grapevine, he might just launch a ready to wear collection soon! I was awestruck by the flowing lines and femininity of his carefully selected fabric. I can just imagine the tactile feel of silk and lace magically draped over my body. The little peplum hemmed dress particularly appealed to me as it is unusual and not the stereo typical LBD. The subtle display  of a shoulder on the voile-like bat-winged top worn with a beautiful embellished skirt was my piece de certainly takes a man to dress a women.


  1. Beautiful! I would enjoy to have the tulle skirt in the last photo.

  2. Those pieces are beautiful! I love that little black dress with the huge statement necklace!

  3. Remarkable ideas ... pretty original designer! Would have liked dark under the see-through. The tulle and parisol? Wonderful. Did you buy?

    1. I agree Jan, the see through is way past my shelf life, and even if I was younger, I would prefer something more subtle. I did not buy anything although I appreciate the designs.