Friday 16 January 2015


Although I'm not a personal fan of an entirely vintage look, I love aspects of it.  The trend also moved up in the ranks of favour after my   recent visit to the Southern parts of the Netherlands, where I stumbled onto the aptly named Retro Chic store in the quant city of Maastricht. Vintage gets serious momentum at  the Humana concept stores in Eastern Europe where a multitude of high end fashion items are sold at rock bottom prices, albeit retro, still quite chic. The Humana store found in Vilnius, Lithuania, sports a fabulous array of cashmere tops, brocade dresses and furs in any style and length.  I may not have succumbed to the complete vintage trend yet, but I do embrace a few collectors pieces which originate from my late grandmother's collections of handbags, gloves and fur capes.
The Retro Chic store in Maastricht, Netherlands, with it's cobble stone streets in the historical centre, certainly makes a stop in this stylish village or small city worth your while. They host a beautiful collection of jewellery, accessories, clothing and hats. It's the charming entrance of this little store that caught my eye, reminiscent of an era gone by, a cozy little boutique inviting you in with the allure of luxurious window displays....
Maastricht reminds me of villages in Burgundy with a little French flair.  Perhaps it's the occupation by the French many years ago that give's it the particular ambience. If the dress on the mannequin was anywhere near my size, it would have been seen here draped over my curvaceous hips..... Maastricht is a gem on it's own and features a very dynamic history, not to mention the shops and stores. Shopping galore I'd say. I could easily have parted with a more handsome figure, had it not been for the fact that we ended up here around old years eve when most stores closed early..... thank heavens. And thanks to luggage weight restrictions, sadly.
The store
 A few scenes from Maastricht, a river runs through it....


  1. so cute vintage pieces! kisses.

  2. What a dress! So pretty! Also all the photos are very nice. Very well written post. I like it a lot.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Just beautiful, love that dress :)) I like to mix vintage with other stuff. Stunning post doll xx

  4. Seems to be a great and romantic place. Just perfect for taking some shots :)
    I absolutely love those photos especially the one from the riverside and the one from that adorable alley. Lovely!

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

  5. Amazing pics, Lovely place and chic vintage pieces!!!!!
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  6. Lovely pics! Like you, I love the inclusion of vintage pieces into my style--versus going for the total retro look. T.

  7. Although the Netherlands are a neighbour country I have never travelled there... don't tell Greetje ;-)
    Lovely photos and stores! The one photo almost shows a Bavarian Dirndl and knitted cardigan! Love it.

    Annette | Lady of Style