Friday 30 January 2015


The J&B Met held at Kenilworth race cource in Cape Town, is one of the social highlights of the month and has been going since Lord Charles Somerset was the governer of the Cape in the 1800's. It' s always been a platform where the well heeled could splash out in their best designer garb with head pieces that make a striking entry, turning heads to a state of whiplash. The J&B brand has been a sponsor since 1977, and recently launched a new spirit aperitif infused with honey, tantalising the taste buds with it's delicate flavours. The theme for this year's Met  is inspired by the mix calling on attendees and spectators to showcase their ability to assemble a look that is made different in combining a variety of styles and fashion, quite a challenge I would say! 

Working the lawn with a camera and notebook on hand, I decided not to venture to deep into the cocktail of mixes although I managed to concoct a look which will represent the energy of the horses participating in the race, a gaming icon added for luck, a hint of Leopard print to represent Africa, and a dash of glitz with a fascinator depicting a rose from the most beautiful garden at the backdrop of the racecourse, being Kirstenbosch. With that said, I am getting groomed to capture this glamorous event, leaving you with a sneak peak of aspects of my outfit......


  1. Beautiful shoes! Looking forward to your outfit and post about the event.

  2. Love it!!! I want to see your outfit and some pics!