Friday 24 April 2015


Those of you familiar with online shopping must surely have a shortcut to the Spree website on your desktop by now, as it's just so exciting shopping online and having it delivered to your door. No import duties, no custom checks, no hidden costs from cross border orders......One might not experience the tactile feel of texture when you shop online, but it sure beats the inconvenience of having to squeeze into garments in more often than not, ill fitting changing rooms!
Spree has become a household name in South Africa with an ever increasing variety including some of our own designer brands like Habits, Gavin Rajah and a few others!

Thanks to Jenna MacArthur Public Relations, we were allowed a sneak preview of what winter holds in store...  The bottom line is, you need a blanket poncho, an oversized coat, a dash of Red and a welcome return of animal print in your winter staple collection. The puffer jacket is by far the most useful for casual styling and travelling. So get on with it, get to Spree...


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