Sunday 3 May 2015


Allure is something that lurks in all of us, it just takes the right kind of opportunity to allow ourselves to discover the inner beauty and ability.  What a wonderful chance to attend an event with  Allure as the theme, allowing us to just be, and escape from every day's routine to rediscover the magic of Red lipstick and high heels. And for those of us who do not brave the world in stilettos, you can find equal comfort in a gorgeous pair of loafers or flatter heels. The essence of being a women is to be able to enjoy a day of beauty, banter and relaxation. Former magazine editor for  Elle,  the stylish Jackie Burger, once again had us all in awe with a soiree at her morning of magic and cupboards full of captive ideas.  How nice of her to ask us all to introduce ourselves to the person sitting next to you, which served as a real icebreaker in a society where nobody talks to strangers!  Like Jackie rightfully said, today's women don't have much opportunity to just talk to each other and to mingle. The elegant and well known model, Juanita Kotze, then talked us onto the runway with good posture, allowing us to host our own little mini walkathon in high heels, with the correct body posture and heads up, of course. 

We were given a taster of the sampling table, each displaying an experimental bottle with a secret ingredient, followed by a "smell and taste" session, allowing us to indulge in the sensation of delicious bites served on micro plates previously used in the science class.  The morning was filled with much laughter and fun as we proceeded down the make shift runway, and with Spree's carefully curated collection of shoes ( edited by none other than Jackie Burger), those who were in flats, could adorn their pretty feet in a pair of heels, swaying the hips under the skilful eye of Juanita who shared a few modelling tips on how to compose yourself in heels.  Mac Cosmetics provided us with a fascinating workshop about how to correctly apply your lipstick, with instant results and lusciously plumped up lips, all in a few minutes work! The beautiful ambience of the art class provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion, with paintbrushes and splashes of oil paint left behind on desktops, hosting surfaces very well seasoned with the smell of Turpentine oil.  The inner florist was also put to work with the Blomboy hosting drawers of fresh cut flowers and greenery, leaving us to play and create our own little mini bouquets of flowers. The beautiful old window sill, with a view of the garden, was the perfect backdrop where I could place my work of art and exercise my photographic skill on depth of field.

Our senses were further stimulated with a little introduction and talk on the art of perfume making by Frazer perfumes. Another room hosted some beautifully crafted felt hats dangling from the ceiling, designer garments, skilfully crafted jewellery,  and eyewear that would turn heads. We could splurge a little in some extravagance with Extreme Eyewear who displayed a number of unusual and irregular shaped sunglasses, providing protection against the harsh South African light and making a very firm fashion statement at the same time. The  copious volumes of Method Cap Classique constantly flowing, the South African version of the French Champagne added some further  sparkle to the event. 

Keep your eye on Salon58's website and Facebook page for the particulars of the next event. An occasion not to be missed, at least not if you are in dire need to let your hair down and just have fun with the girls. 

Salon58 Soiree held at Pierre Olivier Art Centre, Stellenbosch by Jackie Burger
Photographs Nicolene Richards
Jenna McArthur Public Relations
Spree Clothing
Mac Cosmetics
Extreme Eyewear


  1. By the pictures I could tell that it was a fun event! You look beautiful!

  2. Lovely event and cute pics! Kisses.

  3. What an amazing event! I wish I could attend some great meeting like this one. You look fabulous!

  4. This was perfect my dear, loved it!! You all look amazing xx

  5. Funny event, very interesting post.Best