Friday 26 June 2015



Challenge convention by wearing your corset top over a button up shirt, ad a sharp pair of heels and combine it with the hottest trend being the culotte, no stranger to the fashion scene. When Jean Paul Gaultier discovered this oddly shaped device in an attic, it inspired him to pursue a fashion career. When I first laid eyes on it, and tried it on, it felt like a weapon of mass destruction as it throttled life out of me and made me feel as if I was spilling over my cup. So what's the cue? Why would I then promote it? Be mindful of buying it in your size, not leaving any chance to spill over, and if you lift your arms, it should remain in place without moving around, almost like well fitted bra. It wears beautifully as a top with tapered pants or full skirts, and worn on it's own with the addition of a long and extended scarf draping down your back, it adds a quick dash of French flair. After all less is more if you hail from that part of the world. My favourite way of sporting the trend is to wear it with an all White crisp cotton button up shirt and a culotte, high mules and a felt hat. How do you style the trend?


  1. I LOOOVE this combination. I don't worry about spillage too much so I'm good to go. I've never seen a corset like this before, but, wow, I do like it. I wear corsets sometimes, not often - I like the structure.