Saturday 13 June 2015


The well known Swedish chain known as H& M is finally coming to South Africa. So what's taken them so long? When H& M hit the runway during fashion week in Paris a few years ago, it raised many eyebrows as it's generally perceived to be selling fast fashion and cheap clothes. Most of it is, but unless you've been lucky enough to browse through their flagship stores around the globe, you would be unaware of the fact that the chain collaborates with well established designers from time to time to present a limited edition of premium quality. Unlike the multiple rails of average quality meets average price items, the Conscious and Studio collections are a little more expensive and exclusive, made of much better quality fabric, good enough to last much longer than just one season! I have had the pleasure of stumbling onto the Conscious Collections a few times and took advantage of a few higher end items, still to be found in very good condition. The exact opening dates are not known yet, seemingly kept a secret to ad to the hype! It is rumoured that they will open two flagship stores, one in Cape Town during October, and another in Sandton during November! It would be interesting to see if the brand will share the limited edition items including the likes of Balmain, the most recent collaboration. Now sit back and enjoy a sneak peak of the lastest lookbook! 


  1. Good for you but bad for your credit card :-)

    Greetings from Martina, Elegant 40!

  2. These are gorgeous, such rich colours. Love the long skirt :))) Happy week to you doll xx