Monday 17 August 2015


Jenny le Roux is a designer that took to a fashion career at a late stage in her life. When asked about what inspires her collection, she veers away from it, stating that she is not  to keen on discussing what inspires her. Quite frankly, what does it matter when her creations speak for itself? Clearly, whatever the source is, inspiration is something that she receives in generous portions. Her collection at the Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion week that took place at the captivating Watershed two weeks ago, left us breathless and took us to the Far East with the distinct flavour of Japanese opulence. The flowing  sleeves of the silk frocks gently drapes down to the floor, and for a moment I wanted to experience a day in the life of a Geisha girl. Now feast your eyes, and imagine the scent of jasmine tea being served to you from a fine porcelain cup while you page down..... she once again proved that style has no age restriction. Take me to Tokyo......

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