Saturday 22 August 2015


If you're in a style rut, Fashion Week is the ideal opportunity to escape from your comfort zone and dress with a little more expression, or perhaps just a little more creativity. Over the top is always allowed, but demure, out of place.  Although some get carried away and think of it as a freak show, obviously attracting a great deal of attention from the street style photographers, the very essence of the event allows to be more bold and creative and to challenge convention by wearing something that is different from the ordinary. One should however always remain true to yourself and be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. I merely added more accessories to give the look a more polished appearance, sprucing up my beautiful Thabo Makheta Cape, a South African designer that made her mark by giving Bashotho blankets worn by local folk in Lesotho, quite an edge! Amazing how something traditional could become such a hit! The stoic me whispered in my ear and suggested that I go sans the hat when the sun set, and that's when I slipped into something more exotic for the evening's show at Kluck CGDT, of which you will be seeing more later next week! 

Blanket Cape - Thabo Makheta
Skirt - Trenery
Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Hat - Made to Order
Tote - Fendi
Gloves - Florence Leather Market

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