Wednesday 25 October 2017


The Ruff Tung label is no newcomer to the fashion scene, and for those who seek comfort and style blended into perfection, this is the go to label. Their collection recently received an applause  for it's awareness of the curvaceous figure, hugging the female shape to compliment and flatter the fuller figure. They are most successful in finding harmony between voluptuous figures and style and very well in touch with the real need for all sizes.
They subsequently extended their collection to also provide for the fuller figure, acknowledging  the need of women with buxom. After all, style does not come in any particular size. Women with fuller figures and voluptuous curves also want to be fashionable and trendy, and so the Inclusive range was born. They stunned the audience during the previous Fashion Week with their collection of awe inspiring botanical and floral prints, literally having me drooling. Their design ethos is to celebrate and reflect authenticity which led them to the size inclusive range. It represents a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort, creating harmony by adding to confidence of every women, regardless of size.

"Casual sophistication is always the focus of our design as we draw inspiration and energy from the women we dress." Ruff Tung

 Photographs courtesy  AFI



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