Tuesday 8 May 2012

Beauty tip of the day:

Mascara that clods should be discarded and banned from your vanity case. It makes your lashes look like cobwebs. Nothing is more unattractive than excess, or lashes sticking together. Try to keep it natural, and stay clear from false eyelashes unless you are the principal dancer in a  Burlesque show, no matter what fashion dictates.

Always use cotton wool to dab your base coat of cover-up to remove any excess, otherwise you might look like granny who forgot to wipe the powder from her cheeks. Lipliner is suppose to enhance, and if you have to wear it, for goodness sake blend it away with the lipstick, unless you purposefully want to look like a circus clown!

When in doubt, look at the French women for direction, you rarely see acrylic nails in Paris, nor eyelash inserts. In fact, most Parisian women consider false nails to be vulgar.

So why should we follow them? It's very simple, if you were considered the style leader of the world, you must be doing something right!

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