Monday 28 May 2012


While the Northern parts of the world are warming up to the increasing sunny hours, improving their tans, and donning swimming costumes, down South we are gearing up for winter! Having been fortunate enough to spend some time in the previous European winter, I have already had a glimpse of what is to come for the future season! The trench coat (as you would have noticed, I have a fettish with) is here to stay, well at least for now! I have spent many hours in Zurich watching the Swiss women dress up for late winter, and most of the smart casual outfits, included a trench coat. Girls at work were almost always clad in Black! I noticed very little "colour" in the streets, other than American tourists who were roaming the streets in their trainers, almost worn like a uniform! Have tourists not discovered loafers yet? Paris is off course the epitome of classic outfits, and even non Parisians look a little more sophisticated in this fashionable city. Perhaps they have developed an awareness of Parisians being intolerant towards guests who do not heed  to their dress code!  The cape was still seen, and although we welcomed it back during the previous winter, is has now become a must have item! Scarves were abound, and every decent Italian or French women wore a scarve around the neck, twisted and knotted in so many different ways that I have lost count. Flat pumps are ever so popular, and were often seen worn with pants that were tapered down to the ancles, much like the shape chinos are taking on now. Coloured tights are however, very trendy, and were seen in many different patterns and styles, most often worn with boots, in all variations of styles and height!

Whatever can be said about accessories in Paris, has already been said before, less is more! The Swiss women are equally chic and do they wear their flats with so much flair. Obviously these women spend a lot more time on their pretty clad feet than we do, and perhaps that is why they mostly wear flat shoes. Although high heels were seen in stores, very little was seen on the streets, my suspicion is that they come out after dark! Well, enough said so far, look out for my next review on bright colours!

Looking forward to Cape Town Fashion week coming up in July 2012, Africa has certainly left it's mark on the industry, and some South African designers have made a very firm impact on our trends and styles!

Yours stylishly

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