Tuesday 22 May 2012

Style tip of the Week!

Being stylish is not about being fashionable. Being fashionable is not necessarily being stylish either. By following a few simple guidelines, you could portray the image of a stylish women without breaking the bank. First of all, wearing all your jewellery pieces at once is taboo. If you decide to colour, hair growth should be touched up regularly or let it grow out completely. Going grey can be very gracious. Keep your hair in shape, not necessarily coloured! A good cut is all that is required, and a treatment every now and then does not do any harm. If in doubt, follow the French women's methods. Invest in a good trench coat, perhaps in Navy blue, or Khaki, team it with a pair of high heels, jeans and a breton top, and if you can no longer find your way up the stairs on stilts, wear kitten heels for a lift. If your neckpiece is bold, keep a low profile on earrings, quiten them down! Unless you read a crystal ball for a living, more than 3 bracelets at once will not do. If in doubt about accessories, remove at least one. Nails extending into the next century are not worn by stylish women, keep them well manucured and polished in French tips, grow them slightly extending over the edge of your fingers. Do not apply make up like you are staging a circus rehearsel, keep it natural. Invest in a Chanel like jacket and team it with pearls, like Coco did! Pair accessories with care. Contrary to what women who favour thick lip liner think, lipliner that shows, is passe! If you have to use it, do so to enhance,  not to shout it out! Scarves always ad a little glamour, and don't be shy to wear a hat if the occassion justifies it, straw for summer and felt for winter will do for a start. Sport those gloves this winter, and ad a few pairs of tights to the wardrobe. Never wear long skirts with a trench, I have never seen any women looking good in this combination. Dress for success and for the occassion and remember, if you don't want people to laugh at you, don't dress like a clown! Jeans have become very stylish, unless of course they are stone washed and torn on the moving bits, which I cannot ever imagine to be stylish. Just because some celeb made it famous, does not mean that it flatters! A dark pair of jeans worn with heels and a trench, horizontal stripes, and a scarve will take you a long way. If you only buy one thing at a time, start with the essential trench! Invest in the best blazer you can afford in Black or Navy Blue, and pair this with loafers and jeans for casual days. Jeans travel well, so do laofers. A very useful practical tip is to always carry a Pashmina in your bag when travelling, just in case you should have to cover up, or even to put ot use when it gets a little cold!

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