Thursday 1 November 2012


Packing for a cruise requires some skillful planning. You require clothes to lounge around, to swim, to dine in style, to do your daily jog or work out in the ships' gym, dress up for evenings in formal attire, and casual day wear for excursions when you dock. The key ingredient, is nautical. Whatever you wear during the day, if it is nautical, you will look as at home as a fish in water. Having a Breton top is essential, and packing mix and match items in a combination of red, blue and white will take you a long way. Don't forget to pack a wide brim straw hat, big sunnies, and comfortable shoes for walking around the deck. Evenings are a different thing, the captain's dinner inevitably requires evening wear, allowing you to be a little more creative and glamorous. Whatever you pack, leave some space for all the shopping that you may want to do as you cruise along and dock in different places! I bet this is going to take some consideration, happy cruising!
Setting Sail

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  1. I love nautical style , and have many striped tops and sweaters in my closet !

    XX Luba
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